Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cozy sweaters required. . . . . . .

Hi, it's Saturday already - the week flew by and we've had our coldest weather yet. 
How about some soft, warm and wonderful sweaters for these cold days.
Everybody needs a few. 
Also here is a lovely layering tee, a soft textured - almost like velour - sweatshirt 
with a big zipper up the back, and a pair of pull-on thin knit, but very warm, perfect 
grey pants for around the house on these chilly days. 

The cornflower blue cashmere tunic with the 
cozy cowl neck - a change for me whose wardrobe contains 
so much grey, black and other neutrals. I do like the tunic length 
in winter as it gives extra warmth around the thighs, and looks 
good with skinny pants and tall riding boots. . . . .those great boots we
 all seem to have now even if we don't have a horse to go with them! 
This was part of my generous Christmas gift from friend Paula. I wore 
it to my doctor appointment on Wednesday as the temperature plummeted 
and the winds picked up. I was very cozy, my blood pressure very happy!

This sweater was a treat from Bob and I love it. Although quite thick and chunky, 
it's incredibly lightweight, not itchy, and very comfy. The back dips down a bit longer
 than the front - many of us like that feature which is popular now - and the black trim 
gives it a nice finish with a bit of casual elegance.
These items were all purchased from a new store called Lou & Grey.
It's an offshoot of the Ann Taylor and Loft company, and is being called their 
'free-spirited sibling'. In today's fashion world nothing remains static and new clothing
shops come and go. I think this one has a future if they continue to offer well made
merchandise, beautiful textured fabrics, good prices, and great styles as in their 
current range. When I first looked through their window in my neighborhood (it's 
next door to Anthropologie), I knew I was going to love it!

Have you found any special warm and cozy clothing for this winter?
What do you like to wear around the house on really cold days when the
heating system has to work overtime?


  1. Very pretty gifts - the colors are lovely. I like a long, comfy dress in the winter - I like the feel of the soft fabric swishing against my legs and I can curl up and read and be cozy.

  2. Lovely gifts, and they look very cosy. Isn't it nice to snuggle up in something warm and soft, a cup of tea at hand and a stack of magazines and unread books on the table close by?

    1. Hi dear H, I'm hoping by now you are finding plenty of snuggling moments - I know it's been a rough time these past few months.
      Thinking of you and appreciate you stopping by today.
      Hugs - Mary

  3. Mary...I simple love the blue cashmere sweater and I think it's going to look lovely on you. You have the height for tunics and skinny pants. And the sweater Bob gave you...sigh. He has wonderful taste. The back of it sounds like a really nice detail.

    I really didn't purchase a lot this fall...a few things before our trip to Asheville in November, but that and my clothing from last winter seemed to be okay. I'm feeling an urge for a few new things now so I may be looking. I love leggings, longer silky blouses and pretty sweaters. Pretty much my uniform! :)

    Love to you,

    Jane x

  4. I had a look at their website, very nice clothes. I would have liked the blue top too, but they only seem to have it in grey and black. But they do ship to UK!

  5. These are really pretty sweaters. I really like the cornflower blue one and the one Bob gave you. I haven't found many nice new sweaters this winter and am quite disappointed at the selection in the stores here. I found a pretty mauve pink one in the fall which I like a lot. For me, around the house, I wear jeans and a long sleeved (on these really cold days, otherwise it's a short sleeve) tee under a sweatshirt with a high neck on it. I can't stand to have air on my neck and a scarf while doing household chores is a nuisance! LOL Of course we are much colder up here and I also wear socks and sneakers from late September until the first of May! I wish I could wear the tall riding boots but they just don't fit around my wide 'muscular' (wink) calves, even the wider leg style! And I don't wear leggings but have 2 pair of skinny jeans and short boots for when I go out. I know I was born to live in a warmer climate!! :) I hope you have a cozy day, Mary. xx Pam

  6. I do love your sense of style and you are so lucky to be able to wear these fashions and look fabulous. They would just make me look dumpy due to my very pear shaped body! The cornflower is gorgeous, what a beautiful color. Looks great on us redheads too.

  7. Oh that cornflower blue sweater is fabulous. It looks so soft and the collar looks like it would be very flattering. The sweater from Bob is a beauty too. Lightweight and not itchy are two very important qualities in my book.
    Lou & Grey is new to me. I do believe they may want to hire you to do advertising as that collage is fabulous!!
    As for me, I tend to wear jeans and a comfy sweater or long sleeved tee/cardigan combination around the house on these cold days.

    1. Thank you Kim - I did used to work in advertising and miss it so much - that's why I love to blog, it's my creative outlet!
      Winter is certainly my favorite time of year here in the southeast - well as long as it's not too severe! I'm aging now and beginning to feel the cold more so know I could never move back up north!!!
      You should come to Raleigh and we could go shopping - you would love this shop I'm sure!
      Hugs, Mary

  8. You have the best sense of style Mary! I love all of your clothes. I can't wear those riding boots. My legs are too short!


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