Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gathering. . . . . . .

Although I culled my cookbook collection a few months ago - sharing with 
a friend and a granddaughter who both love to cook - I always keep a little  
list of cookbooks I've made note of and would love to have. I suppose this means 
I will be forever adding to, and subtracting from, the rows of books that  fill up 
and spill out from two kitchen shelves.

This Christmas, I believe a little elf took a peek at my list and told my 
granddaughter Jasmin that this book was mentioned. Imagine my excitement when 
opened my present on Christmas Eve and out popped Sunday Suppers in its 
lovely linen-look binding. Full of recipes and beautiful photos, the introduction tells
about the start and growth of a very special Brooklyn, NY idea where supper has 
turned into some amazing gatherings of families, friends and even
 invited strangers. I love cookbooks with personal stories and history, ones that read 
more like novels than just recipes. Looks like I will be spending time reading, 
then cooking, from this book. I love the idea of casual gatherings, kept simple, 
but delicious.

Do you enjoy collecting cookbooks?
Did you receive any exciting cookbooks as gifts?


  1. I love cookbooks, especially those tjat include anecdotes and good photos. Cheosas gift exchange may or may not occur this year, bit o have my eye on another Ina Garten.

  2. I have stalked your blog since the early days without comment, but this cookbook got me. My family gathers each Sunday evening, I love cooking and cookbooks with a story, thus I have to find this one. Thanks for highlighting it! Happy New Year!

  3. I've never been a cookbook collector, but never say never! I always adore your gorgeous photos.

  4. What a lovely gift! I have a collection of cookbooks going back as far as my Grandma's Mrs Beeton. But now not so much room to display them.

  5. I was a lucky recipient of a couple of your cookbooks... I am a cookbook addict. I just bought Extra Virgin, from the TV show and Barefoot Contessa Foolproof.. Your book sounds wonderful.

  6. Oh what a lovely blog you have, happy to have found you! Yes I also love cookbooks, I have too many...
    Have a great weekend,

  7. I love the views of your kitchen eating area. The cookbook looks lovely. I don't bother collecting any now as I have my favourites I stick with and also use the internet some. I was given a copy of the beautiful Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook by one of the 'girls' last year when we visited her home. It's a beautiful book with wonderful photos, stories and recipes.

  8. I didn't get any! Actually, I prefer to pick them myself, otherwise I end up with a book that only has one recipe I like in it....not enough shelf space. x

  9. What a lovely gift. I used to have a lot of cookbooks but I've finally gotten rid of almost all of them. I kept a cookie book that was nostalgic for our kids. Most recipes that I need I can find online. It is my practical side that got rid of the cookbooks - I still like to cook.

  10. No cookbooks as gifts for this Christmas, but I have my eye on the Ottolenghi books, Jerusalem and Plenty. I do love reading cookbooks with stories attached. Or stories with recipes attached.
    Sunday Suppers looks like a beautiful book to handle as well as cook from.

  11. Sounds like a project for that transplanted English woman. Travel tale. Luncheon story. Recipe and photos. Charming small book. Do you know someone who writes engagingly and travels a bit???

  12. What a great-looking cookbook! And I bet the recipes are great too. I got rid of a few cookbooks I had never used, but still have a lot. Still there are mainly three or four I always use as my standbys.

  13. I love cookbooks also! beautiful pictures!! I am getting this one:

    our Christmas is on the Russian calendar (Jan 7) and so it is still waiting under our tree! :)

    I have a lot of great cookbooks and do love reading them!

  14. Mary,

    It seems we love a good cookbook for all of the same reasons. They should read like a novel and then become treasures. This looks like a great one. Jasmin is so sweet. You have a great collection. I try to purge but some just call out my name when I'm in a bookstore.

    I did receive Ina Garten's new "make ahead dishes" book from daughter Emily. It was comical as five minutes later she opened up the same gift from me! I also gave my daughter in law and son's fiancee cookbooks suited to them. I hope I'm not being pushy, but every gal needs a little help in the beginning. And I'm hoping to get some dinner invites! :)

    Jane x

  15. Hello Mary, what a thoughtful gift :o) Looks a great book too.
    As you may guess, yes I do collect cookery books and dread to think how many despite having sort-outs too!
    Sending much love as always.
    Rose H xxxx


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