Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy life and many thanks. . . . . .

Bob thanks all of you who wished him well. 
Yesterday he came through some quite intense dental surgery 
with flying colors. 
Meanwhile, I continue my role as nurse, driver, and mixologist of liquid
nourishment in all forms, except citrus and booze!

I thank you too my good, dear friends - wishing you good health,
someone to love, and someone who loves you.


  1. Very pleased to hear your good news.

  2. Dear Mary, So good to hear that Bob came through this difficult ordeal with flying colors. His speedy recovery will be guaranteed because you will be there to nurse him back to health. ox, Gina

  3. Hello Mary,

    This must be such a relief for you both.

    Now, take care of yourselves. Rest is a great healer!

  4. Glad to hear that all went smoothly. I trust the healing process will also be smooth and life can soon return to normal.
    I love the sign and completely agree with the sentiment.
    On another note, I picked up my kefir and juices yesterday. Looking forward to my smoothie break today.

  5. I didn't get to your blog yesterday so am reading that post this morning along with this one. I'm glad Bob got through the dental surgery. Dentists are my least favourite place to visit. Ever! I certainly feel for him. I like this word sign above. Your sunrise photos yesterday were brilliant. We survived the big snow yesterday - well over a foot of it. Still snowing lightly today but hubby's off to work. Trip to Winnipeg postponed until Sunday. I hope you both have a good day. xx Pam

  6. Glad to hear the good report. Once, long ago, Don has some serious dental surgery and in the middle of the night I heard an awful crash - he had gotten up to get a drink and had fainted - his head barely missing a tiled counter top. Needless to say - he asked for help after that when he needed a drink.

  7. Glad to hear bob is doing well! Sending him and you hugs!

  8. Love the sign, Mary; how very true! I will write it down. Well, I feel for Bob - I'm a baby when it comes to dentists - though my current one has largely got rid of my fears, because he's pretty good. I have had major work done this year and it's been absolutely fine. Of course, I wouldn't tell Mrs Britain that otherwise I'd lose my nurse, cook, chauffeur etc...but she does run the practice!
    Thank you so much for your VERY generous comments; you always say the nicest things!!

  9. Hello Mary, I wonder do you still remember me, Delila from Finland? I wanted to send you an e-mail, but I am no longer able to log on to my old e-mail. I would love to hear from you and Bob. I will write to you, if you can send your e-mail address to pinewoodshome (a)
    Hugs and say hello to Bob.


    1. How could I ever forget you sweet Delila - when we met I knew we always stay in touch. I 'lost' you recently when you made so many blog/e-mail changes, but have been trying to catch up with you. Now I can write you and will do so very soon.
      Bob and I send love.
      Mary -

  10. So glad to hear that Bob came through well yesterday and I wish you both well as he recuperates and good wishes to you in your nursemaid role. Caregivers are worth their weight in gold!
    Farm Gal in VA

  11. So glad to hear he did well with the dental surgery. Not too fond of dentists...or doctors..., but we do need them! I know he has a good nurse to take care of him!

  12. Good to hear Bob did well yesterday. I hope his pain is minimal today.
    I just know you are a special nurse and feeding and caring for the patient
    just right.

  13. It's good to hear that Bob is recovering well. The leftover pain - even just the strain of having one's jaw cranked open for a long time - from oral surgery can be difficult. I'm glad he has an efficient and imaginative nurse/barista/driver!

  14. Great post! The sentiments are perfect! I am so glad Bob is doing well. I was happy to hear that you also have ancestors who settled in the eastern Shore of Va. or at least came through that way toward NC. It's a fascinating place, and I wish I had some good photos of that area to share. perhaps if we ever get back there....:-)


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