Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inspiration . . . . . .

I've given up on decor projects for the time being. Since putting the cottage back 
together following the upheaval of the holiday season, and doing a perfunctory 
clean through, I've been a bit lazy.   
Yes, I'm admitting to lethargy, inertia, languor, inactivity, lassitude and pain.
But today I start physiotherapy so will be moving about earlier, hopefully easier, 
and perhaps will regain my stamina and be inspired to decorate, paint, 
or just rearrange for a new season.

February is flying by. 
The firewood stack is getting lower. 
Green shoots are appearing, pushing through the crisp dry leaves in the flower beds.
Daylight hangs about a little longer. Birds are at the feeder later, singing earlier.
Life is stirring.


  1. I like the feeling of that slow time between the holidays and the time when spring really begins to emerge quickly - time for thinking, day dreaming and planning.

  2. Hello Mary,

    Yes, signs of new life are all around and, with them, we trust you will find new energy.

    It has been a really difficult time for you and one does lose enthusiasm for most things when in pain. So, we trust that the new regime will work wonders.

  3. Thoughtful post. Hope the physiotherapy goes well. Take care.

  4. 'Green shoots are appearing'....how I wish. Lovely photos once again, Mary. Good luck with physio. Deb

  5. I hope your therapy goes well and goes far in relieving your pain, Mary.
    Loved these little glimpses around your cottage this morning. That little birdie in photo 1 is adorable.
    I noticed my daffodils popping through the ground recently. You're right...life is stirring.

  6. I hope your therapy goes well Mary. I am just beginning to get my mojo back, so I know how you feel. I have been neglecting my blog and need some inspiration and motivation. I am heading outside today to see if we have any green shoots coming up!

  7. Dear Mary, It' all right to be a bit lazy. Hopefully, the therapy you will be receiving will help with combating the pain with which you have been saddled. Maybe then you can look forward to watching Spring come once again to your garden.

  8. Mary I just caught up for the past week on your blog. I was wondering how your back/hip pain was doing. Glad to see you are not going to have surgery. I have the same problem you do so I can relate. That bulging disc can cause nerve pain that's unbearable. I had 2 injections in my back 2 months apart and now it's great. I'm hoping it will last at least for another 3 months because they told me I can only have 3 a year. But the injection really does help and sometimes it might take a couple to calm it down but even after the first one it was an immediate fix. Hope you have luck with your therapy and all. Good luck. I I Enjoy your blog very much.

  9. Take is easy Mary, I love your paper bird, so cute. We are buried in snow here. It seems to snow every day. I am longing for Spring. I wish you well dear.

  10. Lovely images, Mary. It's wonderful to hear that you are seeing signs of spring there already. Sit back and enjoy your home and garden from the inside for now. I wish you well with your physiotherapy so you can soon be out in the gardens. Hugs. Pam

  11. Good luck at your physiotherapy sessions, Mary. As one who has gone through long PT sessions for my back and shoulder, it's definitely not fun and sometimes it feels like you'll be going forever, but it really does help in the long run.

  12. What a great paper bird! I hope the therapy will work well for you. I do believe a lot of us would like to get our mojo back and I am praying that you will very soon. There is a lot that could be done but I don't seem to be inspired to do any of it. That needs to change!

  13. Oh I do hope you regain some energy and inspiration with the physiotherapy. I do know how you are feeling about not feeling up to do the things around the house you love. I am looking at my house and thinking the same thing. It is so hard to "pick yourself up and start all over again". Take care and good luck. I look forward to your future adventures in decorating and travel. Hugs!!!

  14. Let me know how PT went - hope it helps! Cuppa joe soon, I hope?!

  15. Your home vignettes are always photo worthy dear Mary.
    What a cute paper mâché birdie - one of your own creations I imagine!
    As your daylight hours begin to lengthen, in my little corner of the world, I can feel the evenings are drawing in just a little every day.
    My garden is looking tired. A visit to the garden centre at the weekend is on the agenda, to find some late flowering petunias to pot up. They come in such lovely colours and will give the feeling that summer hasn't left my garden, I'm not ready to say goodbye to it just yet!
    Thinking of you and hoping the physio is kind to you.
    Sending very warm hugs

  16. I haven't done any cleaning or organizing in a very long time so things are pretty yucky around here. And since we are having a dust storm, there's no sense in cleaning at all. Would much rather make stuff. :) Hope your physio goes well. Tammy


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