Sunday, March 1, 2015

A flash of brilliant blue. . . . . . .

Bob has admonished me for posting so many bird photos lately!  
He thinks I might be boring the h - - - out of everyone. Am I?  
Oh well, sorry if I am, but I'll just blame it on a serious case of cabin fever, 
and the need to share something of beauty outside the windows through 
this long, cold February which is now turning into March. . . . . . . and we are 
due to get another ice storm today!
So today, a little more color will help perhaps, and you get a flash of the most 
beautiful blue across the screen.  I think everyone loves to see the bluebird.
It's usually difficult to catch one on the ground - I was fortunate with this shot as I also got
 the female cardinal and a mourning dove, sharing the seed under the feeder.
Love the bluebird's stance as he stood poised on the edge of the snow-covered 
bird bath - such beautiful feathers.
Eastern bluebirds are year-round residents here, then joined by many 
northern migrants swelling the population each winter.

Weather update and you've guessed it, more beautiful birds coming later!


  1. keep them coming , so lovely to see birds we don't see here.

  2. No you are not boring Mary, the photos you take are brilliant, I love to see them, so carry on please.

  3. Never bored, Mary. I especially love today,s feature. I have never seen one up close. We are in for a few mild days. We so need a break from winter. Stay toasty.

  4. You keep taking them Mary! Those shots of colour will soon be hard to see when the snow and ice melt away. xx

  5. Never too many bird photos for this bird lover, especially when they are as breathtaking as your #1 photo today. I saw a bluebird the other day and ran for the camera. He was long gone by the time I got the camera turned on. Ha! You seem to be a natural with these bird shots, so keep 'em comin. Maybe you'd like to give pointers to the rest of us :).
    As I sit here this morning the rain is coming down. Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't turn to ice.
    Happy Sunday to you and Bob.

  6. I love your bird shots Mary, especially the blue bird! We see them occasionally here, but they didn't take up residence in our blue bird house, so that house will be coming with us to our new home. This morning we had a flock of turkeys in our back yard, scratching in the snow under our feeder for the seeds. I took some pictures and will post tomorrow if they turn out.

  7. Dear Mary, How can we be bored when you send us such beautiful birds. I love them all. Happy Sunday to you and yours, ox, Gina

  8. Wish I had these beauties visiting our yard! I can't wait for Spring either, enjoy your day!

  9. You just keep on posting photos of those delightful birds ! I have sparrows and cardinals in my garden .. they squabble gently for the seeds I throw out for them since I can't get through the snow to the bird feeders, I am pouring seed right onto the deck off the dining room.
    The kitten loves it, she hides behind the drapes and watches, her tail giving a twitch now and then. Bless her little bitty heart.

  10. Oh never too many birds - they are so cheery even in the worst of conditions. And the colors - oh my - just love seeing them and seeing what you see.

  11. The bluebird is gorgeous, Mary! We don't see them here in the winter but we do in summer. I loved seeing your beauties! Today I saw a group of about 8 robins - I'm thinking (hoping) spring isn't too far off! Thanks for stopping by to see me and leaving a nice comment. Have a good week! Hope you don't get too much of a storm.

  12. If I took bird photos like you do, I'd be posting them too! I love the one of the three birds together - it would make the perfect 'friendship' card.

  13. There are never, never too many bird pictures and yours are always such good shots. We have bluebirds here in the winter also but they NEVER go near any of the feeders. I thought they only ate meal worms and berries, etc. They do come to my bird bath when it is warm enough to put water in it and they roost in the bird houses on the very coldest of nights (five or six of them in the house.) I love them! Thanks for you beautiful photos.
    Farm Gal in VA

  14. The blue against the white of the snow is spectacular. Oh for the colors of nature that delight our souls.


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