Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fire and Ice. . . . . . . .

Thankfully, the ice has melted and this weekend is sunny and quite 
warm. The clocks sprung forward last night ready to welcome true 
Spring in a couple of weeks.

Today we will be heading into the garden which is now snow and ice free, and 
even has green grass, to do some much needed clean up. 
Last week's ice storm cause quite a bit of damage to many of our shrubs and 
smaller trees, breaking branches and littering the garden with debris. 
Even the metal pole of our patio umbrella snapped under the weight of the 
ice and snow - yes should have closed it but used it for sheltering the firewood on 
the table close to the back door. 
Our fireplace has been our best friend this long, unusually cold Winter.
Yesterday we ordered a new umbrella, looking forward to raising it to
welcome what hopefully will be a beautiful Spring.

Hope the weather is warming up your way. . . . . . . . Spring is coming!


  1. Dear Mary, I see so many lovely colors still in your garden. Those are the rewards for planning and designing your garden so well. Still very cold and grey here. We don't even have snow to cover our sad landscape.
    Don't overdo even though there is a lot of work to do.

  2. It's warming up this week, but not nearly as warm as where you are, Mary! But I'll take any warmth at this point!


  3. We had incredibly awesome weather over the weekend but got a bit cloudy and dark as this day progressed. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy

  4. We feel it here, too, Mary. We still have plenty of snow and more fell this morning, but it's in the air. Loved your photos. Enjoy your time cleaning up.

  5. Ahh yes - spring is coming. I bought the first pots of pansies and Johnny-jump-ups yesterday - I hope to get out and sweep the deck and plant the pretty little flowers - I love this time of year.

  6. Our "spring forward" day is wet, grey, and cold as we have come to expect of late. I went to several plant centers yesterday just to see some spring color. Lots to buy, but none of us were at the checkout register. Hopefully we'll all soon be in our gardens planting.

  7. Mary...looking back at previous posts...yes, I've been in the decorating doldrums as well. Spring pieces seem a bit out of place, yet I long for some color.

    So happy you are seeing some green outdoors! But sorry for the damage. It seems (as I've learned more about "our" area)...winters can be quite unpredictable.

    We have a warm up expected here, too. Fifty degrees by Tuesday. Number one on my list is to clean up some doggie doo doo in the backyard!! Ha! Still, it should be manageable and not so stinky...sorry, just my reality!

    Love to you and my fave guy!

    Jane xxx

  8. Let's hope that ice is behind us now and the warmer weather continues.
    Such a shame about your patio umbrella, shrubs and trees. I spent time this weekend picking up tree limbs. Some were thanks to Mother Nature, but most were thanks to my neighbor who did a major, overdue trim after selling his house last year. The huge branches are now making their way to the ground and many have landed in my yard.
    It seems that with the "spring forward" time change I am waking to the sound of the birds singing. Love that!

  9. We still have a blanket of snow on the ground, but today is sunny and is going up to 47...and tomorrow - 55! I am so excited. I will definitely be getting outside and taking a nice walk - and, like you, perhaps starting on some yard clean up.

  10. Mary, your photography is really stunning - you have a great eye - and yes - spring is almost here! yeah!!
    Love and hugs


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