Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wishing and hoping. . . . . . .

There was a little warmth in the air on Monday, a slight feeling of a 
change on the way. 
Then yesterday brought more rain and misty bone-chilling grey. 
Even the birds went into hiding leaving the branches bare.
The garden has nothing much to offer yet so I bought some cheerful 
flowers at Trader Joe's.
Hurry Spring. . . . . . you will be welcomed with open arms!


  1. It seems spring jumps forward and then back - it will eventually be here. The flowers are lovely.

  2. Signs of spring's arrival are always welcome, Mary, but your flowers are a lovely substitute until then.

  3. We have had a change in some really sunny mornings of late

  4. Well, we had unexpected snow at the weekend - which provided some great photo opportunities and the need to scrape the car off at 0600! Love the tone you get on your photos.

  5. Dear Mary, Same here. An occasional trip to the flower shop does help to brighten the spirit. ox, Gina

  6. Pretty flowers! Today it is 60 degrees and sunny here. But us suppose to get colder on Friday. Good for me thought because we are heading to Florida on Friday for a few days...can't wait to walk on the beach.

  7. We are currently "enjoying" an ice storm in Upstate NY .. Spring ? what is this "Spring " ??

  8. Yes, flowers from the market always help make me happy.
    I do hope spring comes soon for you there.
    xoxo m


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