Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's in the bag. . . . . . . . . .

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 Meanwhile . . . . it will soon be time to start packing again!

For many of us bags are our life lines. Travel bags, not including monster suitcases 
and duffel bags, have to be useful with enough space for the necessities of the occasion.
They need to be compact, comfortable, lightweight to pack into a suitcase and to carry, and 
I'm happy 'across body bags' are back - which really just means they have a longer 
adjustable strap. 
Nothing is more uncomfortable than hauling a heavy bag on one's shoulder, or in 
the hand, when trying to take photos of everything - which we do if we're 
bloggers, don't we?

For travel I like Baggallini brand. They have amazing bags, mostly in interesting,
hard wearing, attractive fabrics, and are therefore lighter than leather. 
My first was a wonderful gift from blog friend Sarah in Texas at Hyacinths 
For The Soul. It's the green/black print above and was for my first 
safari to Africa in 2010. Sarah's gift returned to Africa on my second safari and has 
been on several other trips around the world! It's my most traveled bag for sure.
The grey Baggallini I found quite unexpectedly at a huge discount at the 
AAA (auto/travel shop) when stopping by to pick up maps last year. I really love
this one too with it's many zippered pockets, comfy adjustable strap, and plenty
of room for more bulky items such as a small hairbrush, plus a compact camera!

My gift Baggallini from Sarah ~ Duma Tau Safari Camp
Botswana, May 2010

What's with that leather pouch! It's the same one in the two photos, with different 
colors on each side. Found at Madewell at the mall, on sale, and will use it as 
casual evening bag when I just require my reading glasses, lipstick and cabin key!
I'm adding some deep ink blue clothes for this trip - the blue with red zippers will add 
a little pizazz!

The Eileen Fisher crinkled khaki raincoat/anorak has really been a good addition 
to my travel wardrobe. . . . .and I found it on sale!  
If you've checked Ms. Fisher's clothing line, as lovely as it is, prices are high and
I only buy from the sale rack!
It has a button-on hood, falls to the knee, with a drawstring at the waist and
a sturdy zipper and snaps - very well constructed. 
I've just washed it for the first time and it came out fine. The fabric has a very 
fine, invisible metallic thread in it which I'm guessing keep the crinkles in.

Don't laugh. 
If you know me, you know I always do this when preparing to travel - drag 
out the collapsible Container Store rack and start picking out my clothes and 
accessories several weeks ahead. I find this is the only way I can do it - view 
everything in a bright open room rather than bunched up in the closet among 
things I will not be packing. Here's the first dry run, and no, I will not be able to get 
all those clothes into my one permitted (by the husband) medium sized suitcase.  
I do a lot of mix and match with light layers which can then be adjusted 
according to the weather.
Colors are grey, black, aubergine and ink blue - all my jewelry will be silver.
The items on the pink hangers are already 'iffy' and will probably be left at home.
Out of view beneath the clothes are more scarves - never can have too many, two 
hats and a basket with at least fifty thousand toiletries/cosmetics to sort through. 
I won't bore you with that work in progress.
Footwear? That's whole different ball game and I've yet to tackle it for this trip.
There will be a lot of walking, and thankfully no high heels required for evening -  
back/hip/leg are all so grateful! Just know, the husband has already told me I 
cannot possibly take six pairs, and he will not make room for them in 
his suitcase, enough said.

Travel is not easy.
Viewing the world is fabulous. 


  1. Bagallini is my travel bag and I have three of them - looking four a fourth to replace my very old black one. It was a work horse! I really admire your idea of the collapsible rack for sorting. I may borrow that one for the next big trip!

  2. How lovely that you are taking another trip and that your back etc. is feeling well enough to do so! Where are you off to this time Mary? I saw 'cabin' in your dialogue so it sounds like a cruise of some sort to me. I'm sure it will be an adventure and you'll have lots to share about it on your blog. I don't care for packing for trips, most of which are to our daughter's, but one never knows what the weather will be or what we will be busy at so it's tricky. Have fun choosing footwear. :) xx Pam

  3. I didn't realize you were having a giveway - I must've missed one of your posts! Thanks so much for the chance to win a canvas print.

    I think your idea of deciding which clothes to pack on a portable garment rack is a fantastic idea. Gives you both the time and space to plan. Also a good idea to stick to a neutral color palette so you can do a lot of mixing and matching.

  4. I think the collapsible rack is a brilliant idea. It gets everything out where you can see it and is much better than laying everything on the guest bed as I have done. Your bags look very useful and good-looking, too.

  5. Mary, it makes me smile to think of that little Bagallini traveling the world in your hands. You should be an advertisement for Bagallini!
    Love the idea of the clothes rack to edit out one's travel wardrobe. We always travel light, taking just a carry on and a second personal tote. It's a challenge, but honestly sometimes I still don't wear all that I pack. I've learned to roll things for maximum space. Works like a charm! I learned this from a flight attendant.
    Have another grand adventure. I'm so happy for you and Bob to be traveling the world together. 50 years! What an honor to be married to your love for 50 years. I wish you many, many more together.

  6. Bags do make such a difference. I love to think of where all of my favorite bags have taken me over the years. I admire your advance wardrobe planning. More and more, I find I just "wing" it, and I'm not sure if that is due to experience, or just not wanting to sweat the small stuff... on my way to a big adventure now, will contemplate in the deserts of Botswana.

  7. I do admire how organised you are for choosing the way you decide what you will or won't choose to wear for your forthcoming trip. I think I'll take up your idea , much easier than laying it out on the bed in the spare bedroom. Bags are not a problem for me as I only have two, a big over the shoulder one that holds all sorts, and a neat clutch bag I've for years which I keep for trips and can shove in the top of my flight carry on case., which like one of your other followers has enough items rolled up for a 10 day break. rolling clothes has proven to be the best way for fitting in that extra item I just might need .:) Just popping over to enter in your give away, I must have missed that post. Enjoy your trip where ever you're off to.

  8. Hello Mary,

    Thank you for showing your travel wardrobe........now we shall recognise you when you arrive!!!

  9. Dear Mary, You know how to travel! You are so smart to stay within a certain color group. Mine are similar only I add more brown than grey. But I always stick with silks and cashmere because we travel to Europe in the Fall.
    I like your coat. It looks stylish and lightweight. The perfect choice.

  10. Hi Mary, I enjoyed this little peek into your travel wardrobe planning! Packing is the hardest thing for me, and I don't know how others manage to travel with just a carryon! I consider half of my husband's bag as fair game for my overflow. I would love to hear what you do for comfy shoes. I love my running shoes and my clogs, but I really need to find something else. Looking forward to seeing photos from your next adventure! Linda


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