Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meeting Loi at Tone on Tone. . . . . . . . .

I just don't know where to start with this post! 
So many beautiful things to show you.
Woods - natural and painted, leafy green topiaries, china, ironstone, glass, 
metal concrete, fabric. . . . . . . all the textures we love in our homes.
I do know however that meeting blog friends in person 
is one of the most fun things ever. . . . . .always!

Meeting Loi Thai from the outstanding blog
Tone on Tone 
made our weekend in Washington, D.C. a double celebration - 
our special anniversary plus an unforgettable visit to the most beautiful
 antiques shop imaginable.

I so enjoyed meeting Loi. He's funny. He's kind. He's one of those special people 
you feel you've known forever after the first hug.  He is an accomplished designer 
of interiors and gardens, as well as a 'shopkeeper'. 
(That's the Brit coming out in me, as Napoleon said, "the British are a 
nation of shopkeepers", not that Loi is British).
We really had fun chatting - I wished we'd had longer - and he kindly helped Bob 
feed those nasty Washington parking meters by digging up many quarters for us!  

Loi and partner Tom have gathered amazingly beautiful pieces of antique 
Swedish furniture, along with stunning European accessories, on their buying 
trips across the pond. 
They recently returned from one and I'm looking forward to see the contents of 
that container when it arrives. I wanted to steal Loi away, along with the entire 
contents of the shop, and bring the whole kit and caboodle back with 
me to North Carolina!

I think you will agree that everything on view in Tone on Tone is beautiful, whether 
or not your personal decor preferences encompass Scandinavian/European furnishings 
and accessories.  Loi and Tom have a vision which they obviously hold very dear and 
never shy away from, both for their shop and fabulous home. 
On visiting Loi's blog, Tone on Toneyou will also see their stunning Washington
house and garden, as well as their attractive vacation home in Maine.

Loi called me yesterday and, among other things, we 
discussed the excitement and upheaval at his home last week. . . . . go check his 
current blog post and read the exciting news about another magazine shoot! 

Tone on Tone sits on a brilliant sunny corner in bustling Bethesda, Maryland, just 
outside the District of Columbia. Everything is light and bright, clean and shiny.
It's many, many years since I lived not far from here. I can imagine how greatl it 
would have been if the shop had been there back then.
Just passing the sparkling clean windows, gazing through at all the wonderful things
for home and garden, is breathtaking . . . . . . then opening the door and walking inside,
only to fall in love with just about everything, is a very special feeling.

Topiaries grown and nurtured by Loi - Bob waiting to feed the meter again so I 
can have more time to look at everything and chat with Loi.

It's so nice to see antiques displayed the way Loi does it. Absolutely no clutter, 
definitely not a speck of dust, and all you might spy stacked up are a couple 
of precious antique vellum tomes from Loi's personal collection. . . . . which I wanted 
to buy and bring back to my cottage. The art of perfect display is at every turn here, 
nothing grimy, dusty and musty like so many antiques establishments.

Thank you Loi for making my visit so enjoyable - thank you Bob who is so good 
about taking me to meet blogging buddies, here, there and everywhere. 
I'm already looking forward to another visit here when in the area.
 Meanwhile, I hope other readers will have the chance to visit and shop here at 
Tone on Tone. . . . . . . tell Loi I sent you, but be prepared with quarters, 
those parking meters are ravenous in the nation's capital, and you'll want
plenty of time to look at everything, take my word for it.


  1. What a lovely visit, a charming friend and a wonderful shop. Your trip sounds absolutely fabulous.

  2. Oh wow... an absolutely gorgeous shop. I loved the buffet (in the mirror) with the tiny drawers. How beautiful :)

  3. I spied some really beautiful pieces in this shop Mary. Thanks for introducing us to Loi, his shop and his blog, which I'm now going to go and visit. Have a great day! xx Pam

  4. Lovely! How wonderful to meet your friend. I've seen his blog, I'll have to investigate it further. And may I say that you're looking especially chic in that photo, Mary? xo

  5. Wow I really like that shop....and I'm sure you had the greatest of time!!

  6. Looking good, my friend.
    It's easy to see just why you love Tone on Tone, Mary. Loi's style is so much like yours it must have felt like coming home! Waiting to hear what it was that you just had to have?

    1. I had to use restraint at the shop! Everything was so amazing but I needed much more time to browse. Next visit I'll be better prepared to shop - probably for a beautiful accessory as I've just no space for more furniture. . . . . . unless I remove/replace something!!! Loi was such a delight to meet and talk with - and it was the loveliest shop ever.
      Mary -

  7. Mary first of all a very happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Your trip looks so incredible. I came over from Loi's and am so thrilled to see your perspective on this man's incredible shop and life of collecting! Thank you for sharing!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dual Vision!

  8. Dirty, dusty and musty. You just described my house. Ha! Can't keep things clean around here. Two days of hazy, blah weather make me feel blah and hazy myself. :) I can see why you like Tone on Tone - definitely right up your alley. Always so lovely to meet blog friends. Happy belated anniversary. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  9. Hello, friend!

    Enjoyed chatting yesterday :)

    What kind words!! And lovely photos. Thank you very much, Mary, for sharing my shop with your readers. I'm so grateful and honored.

    And thank you and Bob for visiting. As mentioned on my blog, the pleasure was all mine.

    You will come up and visit us in Maine! Enjoy your upcoming trip. Can't wait to follow along.

  10. What an amazing place! I love that it is 'The Old Curiosity Shop' but without the dust and cramped feeling. The books were the things that took my breath away, I love to see these and how Loi has displayed these so simply but beautifully. I'm off to see more now!! Have a wonderful evening and happy belated anniversary my lovely xx

  11. How cool that you got to meet Loi in person! I will go check out his blog right now.

  12. What a wonderful time you must have had! I don't know Tone on Tone, but I am heading over now for a visit!

  13. I will head to Loi's blog now. The shop looks spectacular and does portray a fresh, clean spirit about it. Lucky you to visit Tone on Tone and meet Loi.

  14. What a wonderful visit with a blogger friend. I have to admit I am not a real fan of tone on tone color...I love rich, vibrant, lush, bright color combinations and compliments. The only neutral I really enjoy is grey, and some black and white. Beige just leaves me cold. I feel awful saying that, but we are all different people. Still, it was fun to see the things that you enjoyed from the shop!


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