Saturday, September 26, 2015

A quick six mile wander around Paris. . . . . . . .

 It was the perfect morning to see Paris again - early Saturday, sunny, 
blue sky, fewer people, more cute dogs, less honking traffic, more fragrant
 croissants baking, people sauntering, no rushing or pushing - until we reached
 Avenue des Champs Élysées!

 Met our friends this afternoon - all boarded the ship and we are now cruising north
 toward Normandy.
So far all is lovely and tomorrow I will be visiting Claude Monet's beautiful house 
and gardens at Giverny. The water lilies will no longer be in bloom but I think
it will still be a colorful place to see.


  1. I am not jealous and I am not envious, but I would have loved to be doing what you are doing and will enjoy tagging along on this beautiful and oh so romantic trip :)
    Thank you for all of your photos . . . enjoy every minute and have a marvelous time.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Beautiful! I envy you. But we are both so fortunate to explore.

    Love and hugs. And of course, safe travels.

    Jane xxx

  3. It looks wonderful. I'll never see Paris but through your eyes I am experiencing it. I would love to visit Normandy. Enjoy!

  4. I so remember the Champs Elysees. You have brought back wonderful thoughts. Normandy was a soulful experience. Looking forward to hearing more.

  5. Oh sigh! My favorite city, Paris, my heart goes pitter patter at seeing your photos. And a river cruise too. Love Giverny. It must be beautiful in all seasons. Happy travels. We are home again.

  6. I first visited Giverny in October of 2012. The gardens were beautiful. There were still plenty of blooms left, even a few water lilies, so you may have a real treat in store. Hope it's a beautiful sunny day for you there.

  7. Mary, I've been to Giverny this time of year. It is still beautiful and special to visit his home.
    Thanks for sharing the walk around Paris. You made my heart smile!

  8. Giverny is so lovely at any season, and I'm sure you will find plenty to gaze at! The house, particularly the kitchen, is beautiful and I would like to have lived there!

  9. Your collages are a wonderful way of bringing the vibrancy of all you are seeing to us Mary. Will be lovely to see Giverny.

  10. Lovely montage of Paris on an Indian Summers day - enjoy Giverny it is always lovely no matter what the season.

  11. I waved as you went over :-D It looks as though you are having really good weather there. So beautiful! xx

  12. I absolutely loved our time in Paris and wandering the streets all day long. So lovely!

  13. How wonderful of you to take us along on another great journey.......What could be better than a river cruise in France. Your photos are stunning and we thank you for sharing the beauty of France. Safe travels and loads of fun to you and yours.
    Farm Gal in SW VA

  14. A violet van! Stunning. I bet their chocolates are too. Find a quiet spot by the pond at Giverny Mary....and smell those roses!!!



  15. Your photos of Paris feature a lovely melange of the centuries that make up the history of this beautiful city. I hope Monet's gardens were a delight.

  16. You know how to press my buttons Mary!
    Oh I love Paris in any season but especially in Autumn.
    Amazing mosaics - I wish I was there to see the Medici exhibition - I'll google it and see when it finishes - I've always been fascinated by that family.
    Merci for taking me on your walk around beautiful Paris...
    Shane x

  17. I've only ever been to France once on an exchange visit when I was 14! We had a few hours in Paris overnight on the way down to Lyons and I've always intended going back but so far never have.


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