Saturday, September 19, 2015

Moveable art. . . . . . . . . . . . .

It's a warm Saturday here.
I'm ready for cooler days and slightly chilly 
Autumn nights, my favorite season of the year.

I'm busy packing and organizing before leaving home.
I'm hoping France is already cooler. Paris and the River Seine call,
 the beaches of Normandy too - have a feeling it will be perfect weather
 there. Then heading south, still by water, so should be comfortably cool but
hopefully sunny and dry in Provence and the Languedoc.

My little original oil hanging on the armoire - it cools me down just looking
at the winter shoreline!
However, this small painting is now on the mantel and was noted by my 
blog friend Deb of JUST CATS in Canada, when I showed
 it HERE few days ago. A visit with Deb is always a highlight of my day. 
She is a lovely lady who writes about her cats and so much more around
her beautiful Canadian countryside.

I love unframed art, especially small oils. I feel they are easier to move

 around, lean against something, prop on a shelf, or just hang on a nail.
This one was great find at SuzAnna's Antiques a few years back.

Do you collect oil paintings? 


  1. Can the cats and I come with you please ? we don't eat much or take up much room :)
    Bon voyage ~

  2. Yes Bon Voyage Mary....hope all goes well for your wonderful holiday.

    And do I collect Art???? Paintings, drawings, etchings, collages, collagraphs, photographs...I have it all Mary. Displayed out and about in the townhouse.....but also stashed into cupboards for safekeeping as I just don't have any wall space left!

    Will you look for a special piece from Paris to bring home with you? I know a lovely little art shop if you're interested.....just across from the Pont des Arts....almost nextdoor to the Dries Van Notten boutique. Have fun!



    1. Thank you so much for the Bon Voyage wishes Robyn - I'm anxious to get going on this one and meet up with friends and family again. Visiting Giverny will be a huge plus for me too - I love Monet.
      Will have a little time in Paris so will try to find that shop. Just looked up the bridge, what's the name of the shop? Sounds lovely, and next to Dries V N - wow that will be a hard place to NOT to want to buy something really gorgeous!!! But I won't be tempted - no room in the luggage - well actually no Euros in the budget for pricey designer togs, but maybe for a little etching, LOL!

      Will say "bonjour" from you to your beloved Paris.
      Hugs - Mary

    2. Mary...the gallery is called Galerie 9 Quai Malaquais. Interesting works....and prices not too bad.


  3. I love the painting. Have a great time in Paris. Wow!!

  4. Have a wonderful trip Mary. I will be anxious to see your photos of France. I love your little oil painting. I have a small unframed oil I got in Puerto Rico and do the same thing. Move it around.

  5. Oh how much fun you will have. All sounds good. I bought some smalls from a street vendor and was tickled with the french children's books and the illustrations. I bought a pair of glasses in Paris and just love them. The seed packets are so pretty there too. All affordable as everything seems to be twice what we buy here.

  6. A serene, wintry scene in that beautiful oil painting, Mary, and I completely agree with re: smaller, unframed art and its many versatile features.

    You will have a marvellous time in France, and I am looking forward to your autumn posts from one of the prettiest places on the planet!

    Have a safe journey, my friend!


  7. We are in Brittany now and the weather is lovely, Paris was equally fine during the week we were there for my birthday. Hope you have more of the same for your holiday.

    1. So good to see you here this morning - and knowing you too are enjoying France Elizabeth. Yes, hoping for good weather for our visit to the Normandy beaches, then Giverny, Rouen, Paris, and then down to the south.
      Perhaps you will blog again - I'd love that as I really miss your posts and photos from Cornwall. I was in Devon in June, it was so beautiful.
      Hope all is well with you and John.
      Mary -

    2. Hello Mary, I am trying to get back into blogging again. Facebook makes me lazy. I hope you have a lovely time on your trip. It sounds like an exciting schedule of places to visit. John and I are both well and happy. He is naviagating our French road trip while I drive. Safe journey to you. xx

  8. I'll swap you Paris for doing your garden. I do so miss our trips to France. No way we can go now, insurance for the two of us would cost more than the trip.

    France is my soul country, I would love to have been able to live there even if it was only for a short time.

    Enjoy yourselves.

  9. Have fun on your was never in our budget to travel abroad...I would love to go to Ireland, Scotland, maybe Spain. Mr. Sweet says there's plenty of spots here in the U.S. that we should try to see before we get much older...:)
    Also not in the budget to collect fine most beloved oils were done by my artist mother. She was sooo good at it and not a drop of her talent found it's way to moi.However, our grands all seem to have a bit of talent for drawing and painting.
    See ya when you get back.

  10. The painting is gorgeous~
    I did pick up one oil painting just this year at the antique mall. I am loving it unframed too. I had an artist here the other day and he was suggesting how I frame it. I just said I kind of like it like this.
    Happy preparing and traveling. Oh I wish I could travel with you to France. I so love it there.

  11. Your painting is gorgeous! I've never been to the shore or seaside in winter for some reason. I guess because it's too cold! :)


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