Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Paris Morning. . . . . . . .

Paris will always be the beautiful city it is. . . . . please remember this.

Beginning of October, returning to Paris from Normandy, we chose to do the early
 morning tour, "The Heart of Paris", a walking tour of the Île de la Cité. It was a 
brilliant morning, literally, with clear blue skies, cool but comfy temperatures, and
 our group was led by a charming young Parisienne who spoke excellent 
English. With a fun sense of humor she marched us around the island -
 home of the great cathedral of Notre Dame - in the middle of the Seine.
 The island is connected by bridges to both banks and the Île Saint-Louis,
 the Pont Neuf (New Bridge) being the oldest. Île de la Cité is the historic
 center of Paris.

Notre Dame is lovely both inside and out. We had visited several years 
ago but it's always a magnificent place to see again.

The one métro station on the island is Cité and is next to the flower market 
Marché aux Fleurs - Reine Elizabeth II. The market was renamed in honor
of Queen Elizabeth after her recent visit there for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.
The iron and glass art nouveau style "Metropolitan" sign is one of just a few
 remaining around Paris - they were designed at the turn of the 20th century
 by architect Hector Guimard

Berthillon's original ice cream shop and restaurant - said to be the finest ice cream
 in Paris, perhaps the world! Sadly, being so early, we didn't get to taste.

Our guide, has been in my thoughts. I know she lived in Paris - I pray
 she was at home, is safe, and was nowhere near the areas of attack last
 Friday evening.

Following a wonderful walk, we boarded our bus and drove back
 through the morning traffic to our ship awaiting on the Seine. 

I pray that Paris and its people will soon enjoy mornings such as this again.


  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for reminding us that Paris is a magical city ~~ and will remain so.
    Helen in Bend

  2. Paris and its people have been through wars and hard times and they always come back ,maybe a little battered and bruised but still strong and determined.
    I have nothing but admiration for the people of France and wish them well .. especially now with the evil that is trying so hard to overcome the good in the world.
    We Must All Be Vigilant.

  3. First time in Paris, we stayed around the corner from Notre Dame. In the evenings, the kids put ramps down in front of Notre Dame and skateboarded, people strolled eating their glades; it was a nice time. Next time we stayed in St. Germain. I don't know which was nicer. It will always be Paris.

  4. Lovely photos. It's just so beautiful. We ate salads a couple of times there and then my daughter would have an ice cream. They serve olives with your drink. Then we walked through the shops down the street. We saw a sign for the prettiest lost cat, and my daughter a cat lover was keeping her eye open, and I also took a photo of shop called Charlotte's for my niece. xoxo Su

  5. I enjoyed this tour of beautiful Paris. I've never been there. Hopefully I will visit one day when Paris is at peace.

  6. This brings back such wonderful memories of when I was in Paris in 2010. The people of Paris are beautiful and strong.

  7. Never forget, there are wonderful big cities full of wonderful people who have been through this .. in some ways .. there are cities all over the world who have been through something like this ... the people adjust, take care, manage and go on .. And thank God for that and for them .. or where would we all be today ?
    NYC ... London .... Paris ... they are all magical full of incredible people .. who will never just quit .. never just lie down and take it ... never stop ... Just as NYC did, Paris will brush herself off, clean herself up, think about things maybe a little differently ... but she will never stop .

  8. Gorgeous photos of Notre Dame and other sites in beautiful Paris, Mary. My heart aches for what has happened there. Hugs. Pam

  9. Oh how I love Paris. Now that sounds like a wonderful walking tour. I would love doing that one. Maybe when we go next year. Where can I find the information on it? The only walking tour we have taken in Paris was all about chocolate. It was with Meeting the French tour group. You share such gorgeous photos. Did you take a point and shoot and a "big girl" camera for this trip? Sending hugs of love to all the people around the world hurt by terrorists.

    1. Marilyn, this was a shore excursion arranged by Avalon Waterways - our river boat company - hopefully you can find something similar when you return to Paris. So beautiful in the early morning before the crowds arrive.
      No, only took my point and shoot Nikon - no DSLR, too heavy and bulky.

      I'm praying for Paris and all of Europe daily - I've been really upset by what happened.
      Mary -

  10. Goodness, what beautiful photos, Mary.

  11. Oh Mary, these are such lovely images of a beloved city. You have such a wonderful eye with a camera. Your walking tour sounds lovely and I hope your tour guide is fine. The people of France will heal, slowly. Such heartache and sorrow just now.


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