Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's the French people. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . who, like most people all around the world, want to live in peace, enjoying each precious day in their beautiful country.

All photos taken at the Apple Fair in the village of Aiges-Vive
in October. 
The people of the village, the farmers, the cooks, the bakers,
the teachers, the shopkeepers, the music makers, the crafters,
 the children. . . . . . ordinary people who want to live their lives
 peacefully, as we all do around the world.


  1. Dear Mary, thank you for sharing these lovely photographs with us. I know why they are in black and white. Happy colors just don't feel right at this time. The gray expresses how we feel. Your images are always interesting. You see things differently. You get up close and personal.

  2. I love these photos, Mary. There is such strength and beauty in the details of daily life.

  3. Beautiful people. Beautiful photos. Yes, it is for these people and around the world that we dream of, wish for, and pray for peace.

  4. I can't imagine a more lovely tribute to the people of France, than your post, Mary. Simply beautiful.

  5. I know, right! We all just want to live under this beautiful world *gone crazy* in peace. Each and everyone of us wishes for peaceful days joined side by side with our neighbors without fear of them. How sad that some people can't see what can be for their hatred.
    And to hurt the innocent because of that hatred is just pitiful. I dare say most of the terrorist don't even know why they hate or why they do what they do. Because their father's did? Because of the jealously of people they don't even know? There is no reasoning with people who could walk into a room or a concert and open fire on people they don't even know. How sad our world is becoming when as one person said, I see humans but no humanity. :(

  6. Tes photos sont très intérresants, Mary! So perfect for this tragic time. I will be going back many times to look at your photos to remember all of the simple things that I've loved about the french way of life. Here's hoping that we can all return to our normal lives, eventually...

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Lovely post! Thank you for reminding us that ordinary people just want to live in peace.

  8. Wonderful photos ! The French are lovely people as are most of the people in the world. There is just this certain "taint" on some people, who are taught hate from childhood ... who have no love and respect for life .. They are the blight, this planet has to cope with or be rid of.

  9. Beautifully composed portraits of French people carrying out their everyday lives in their beloved homeland.

  10. The sepia tones add a sense of timelessness to these beautiful photos, illustrating that the vast majority of people in the world want to live quiet, ordinary lives in peace.

  11. Mary, Thank you for sharing your posts on Paris. Our hearts are aching for them now as they are trying to come to terms with their tragedy. seems a distant dream.

    May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bonnie

  12. Bravo for a thoughtful, beautiful post, Mary. My heart aches for all in France trying to get back to the ordinary, the normal.
    Wishing you and Bob a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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