Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Just Ducky"

You may recall that delightful Fiona the penguin arrived with traveling companions 
a few days prior to Christmas. That large unexpected box from North Carolina's
coast also brought another wonderful surprise, the twins, Hannah and Phoebe! 
Such a beautiful pair of sassy ducks whom I'd also met earlier in that
lovely shop BAROUKE in Wilmington, NC. I loved the idea of ducks wearing
 wellies and shared them with you HERE in an earlier post.

Hannah and Phoebe, after testing the waters in the garden - where constant rain
the past couple of weeks have drowned and dampened everything outdoors -
decided that, although they had fun splashing in their polka dot wellies, they would much
prefer staying in the cottage now that cooler winter weather seems imminent and
they are not really into ice skating yet!
So, they are happy in the kitchen this week, celebrating a new year, bird watching 
through the windows, joining in the fun, and adding their cheerful "quacks".

Thanks again to delightful Jannett at BAROUKE who made Christmas,
and forever, very special for me with these delightful gifts.


  1. Hi Mary been away from blogging for a while just getting some health issues under control. We also had days and days of rain here in Ky. but it is cooler but the sun is shining today. Those ducks are darling. Always enjoyed your travel posts. Happy New Year to you and yours and enjoy Hannah and Phoebe.

  2. What a charming thing to do - lovely lovely ducks in Wellies. They'll fit right in I'm sure.

  3. They sure do look darling at your house! Love the wellies. Hope that all is well today and a Happy New Year to you both!

  4. Mary, Hannah and Phoebe are adorable and look right at home. What a thoughtful gift. '-)
    Happy New Year to Hannah, Phoebe, Fiona, and of course you and Bob. '-)

  5. They certainly are adorable. I think I'd rather hang out in your kitchen, too. Happy New Year!

  6. Oh my goodness, they are adorable. The polka dot wellies put them over the top on the cuteness scale. They look right at home in and out at your cottage, Mary. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. If I ever make it back to Wilmington, I'll be sure and look up this shop.

  7. They are divine!! Love those wellies - they just couldn't be any cuter! I've seen these ducks in the garden centre near me but never with the foot attire :) xx

  8. Oh, Mary, Hannah and Phoebe are delightful. Simply delightful. I imagine they bring a smile to your face every time you see them. I'd love to see more of your cottage! Hugs, Nancy

  9. They are so cute and look like they will last forever. A little conversation piece for your garden. Thanks for dropping by with your kind comment, Mary. Very much appreciated. xx

  10. What lucky ducks these two lovelies are to have found a home with you. What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

  11. Hannah and Phoebe are delightful in their wellies and have so many possibilities of places to visit in your garden and home. They will love it there as will Fiona. What a lucky girl you are to be able to enjoy their company this winter. They are sure to brighten your days.
    Farm Gal in SW Virginia

  12. Those are truly whimsical and such fun. Lovely gifts indeed. I am glad tehy will get to snuggle up indoors for a bit! :)


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