Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our January Ice Storm . . . . . . . . . .

So what did we do to stay busy during the ice storm?
Played in the garden of course!
Actually I stayed in behind glass - it was so cold out there - but Bob was a 
friend to the birds, and pesky squirrels, keeping them well fed and watered.

Forget a warm welcome to the cottage this weekend - the WELCOME flag was frozen solid in this contorted shape. Of course with the entire area at a total standstill, no traffic even came up the street bringing visitors, not even the mail truck could get through and we've had no delivery since Thursday, very unusual.

This feeder was frozen and the birds couldn't get seed from the little port holes. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . . but the 'good guy' was soon out there with the tea kettle again dousing feeder and bird bath with warm water. Remember now, none this white stuff was snow, all solid ice so walking anywhere was somewhat dangerous.

We also scattered a lot more seed on the ground to accommodate so many hungry birds. . . often as many as fifty were eating at one time.

The suet feeders were also popular - here a handsome male Yellow-bellied sapsucker shared with a titmouse.

On Friday night we lost power, first flickering off and on through the evening
 as we sat close to the fireplace, then at 11 o'clock it went off not to return until
 early Saturday morning. The house stayed quite warm and the extra
 blanket came out. Raleigh's severe ice made the national news regarding
dangerous road conditions, and the huge power outages in our area.
We're OK though and today the sun is shining and melting is underway. 
Just hope our friends to the north in D.C. and NYC are managing with such
 huge amounts of snow - stay safe if you're in those areas.


  1. I didn't know that you lost power for an evening -- so glad your house stayed warm and toasty! It's treacherous out there. I've been off work for three days in a row now, as the shop isn't a place that people need to be traveling to in this awful weather condition. A doctor's office, grocery store, or pharmacy perhaps, but not a high-end boutique! Lovely bird photos. As soon as Rich and I can get some feeders set up, I'll have to try my luck here at the new house! xo

  2. Know you'll wow us with great bird photos later - Richard, time to go shopping (when the ice melts) for those feeders!

  3. Wow, so many beautiful birds. You're inspiring me to get a bird feeder. Yours looks more attractive than most. Well done keeping our feathered friends fed.

  4. OK, so as I'm not in those areas, does that mean I can live out there with wild abandon, throwing all caution to the wind? :)

    " Played in the garden of course! Actually I stayed in behind glass"-- Haha, yes, I was rather expecting to read that disclaimer. Bob though, what a good man indeed! Is he wearing PJ's no less whilst venturing out in that icy wonderland?!

    The icicles say it all on jsut how cold it must have been. Glad your house stayed warm even after the power went out! Whoa.

    1. Yes, he was in pj's, plaid robe and his old leather coat - it was freezing out there, and retired people don't get dressed early in the morning, especially in winter, you'll learn that waaaaay down the road Michael, haha!!
      Mary -

    2. Haha, Alex did not get properly dressed either today. no need to! :) Well, I jsut hope Bob was warm enough! :)

  5. Oh, ice is the worst. Lucky you weren't freezing. That was luck. We once lost power for 8 days. It was brutal.

  6. So glad that you are alright!
    What a lovely variety of birds you have at your feeder!

  7. Ice storms do so much damage. So glad you came through it as well as you di, Mary. Your feathered and furry friends are blessed to have you and hubby's care and hospitality. xo ~ Nancy

  8. I'm glad to know you made it safely through the ice storm, Mary. Your photos are beautiful of the ice coating everything and I'm sure the birds were happy to find sustenance in your garden when everything was covered in ice.

  9. Ice storms are such an adventure in living. Glad you made it through it OK. Lucky birds to have your Bob to help them out. We have Christmas lights on our hummingbird feeder to keep the water from freezing when it gets really cold. It works like a charm.


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