Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Morning Fruits. . . . . . .

In my last post, I shared what I do with apples for breakfast. 
We also eat bananas, and usually have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries etc.
stored in the refrigerator.
 Now we're buying the Florida grapefruit arriving in the stores.
I found a bag of five good sized red grapefruit this weekend for just $1.49, a bargain!

Later this week I plan to make another interesting sounding cake using grapefruit -
a first in my baking repertoire. It intrigues me because, other than eating this lovely 
citrus raw, I don't recall doing much else with it.

I love how fresh fruit adds such color to the kitchen - almost like art with fragrance.
Pardon Bob's paperwork piled on the table - we're busy planning a new trip!


  1. Good for you Mary, travel for as long as you are able! I'm so glad we did when we could.

  2. I believe that at least half the fun is in the planning, so don't apologise for a table full of dreams!

  3. I wonder what a single grapefruit would cost me here. Hm.... Probably as much as the bag of 5 you bought! I don't buy or eat grapefruit as it interferes with my medication. I remember we ate them a lot when growing up and can still see my Dad eating one. I'd always add lots of sugar to mine. :) A new trip in the planning sounds wonderful. Have a great week.

  4. It's lovely to capture more glimpses of your home. Trip planning paper piles are the most exciting, and I'll echo H's comment about anticipation building in the planning.

  5. I love grapefruit! I have a recipe for grapefruit jam that I want to try.

  6. Trip planning, eating healthy and the beauty that surrounds you? What could be better than that?

  7. I almost panic when I don't have fresh fruit in the house. Your fruit is wonderful. Must now run to the market, I need fruit!!!

  8. I love fresh fruit for breakfast. And I like the idea of the little apple cubes with yogurt, sounds so light and lovely.

  9. OOh, a new trip? Looking forward to hearing aht you both end up deciding on. how exciting.

    Yes, fruit is lovely for that splash of colur, isn't it? Must say though, while I love my bananas more green yellow, they so quickly turn brown...one colour we don't need more of hear in Colorado!


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