Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flower power. . . . . . . .

For a pretty weekend display on the dining room table I was able to keep some 
of last week's Trader Joe 'wildflowers', also a few of my garden tulips from the previous
A quick stop at Trader Joe's on Friday found me battling a 
small crowd in the floral department for these amazing sweet smelling
 purple stock. I love these flowers but, unfortunately, have never been able 
to grow them successfully here in Summer because it's too hot. They require 
temperatures below 65F.
 This beautiful bunch of five stems of stock was just $2.99!
I then cut a few more of my double tulips and a tall spray of variegated
privet to finish the arrangement.

I know many of you do not have a Trader Joe's nearby - but hopefully
you will some day! Their flowers are so wonderful - always fresh and reasonably
 priced. One of the employees told me they actually have professional florists buy
 flowers daily from the shop for their own arrangements.

I do love to have fresh flowers in the cottage.
This Spring I'm enjoying mixing some from my garden with others from the store.

Good news:  The predicted below freezing temperatures did arrive 
overnight BUT thankfully all in the garden looks unharmed this morning.
Perhaps the brilliant sunshine from around 7 AM assisted in warming
the chilly air and saved the blooms and buds from damage.
Hope your area is now welcoming Spring in all its glory.


  1. I've been worried about the weather too. Freezes and the wind is howling which usually doesn't bode well for severe weather. It coming tonight. I've already cleared a spot in the garage in case of large hail. We have a new Trader Joes in Tulsa but I've yet to go. You have peaked my interest.

  2. Very pretty. How in the world do they sell them so cheap?

  3. Must be all about volume Tammy - TJ's have a lot of stores (457 as of last year) in the US, and are part of Aldi which is getting big here too. Our closest store, just 5 mins. from my home, is a nice one with a wonderful floral department - I'm lucky!

    Mary -

  4. Beautiful bouquet Mary. I brought in plants I could and covered the rest. they faired well. Spent the day today at Biltmore Estates looking at their lovely garden. A bit chilly but sunny and beautiful.

  5. Well, we are to get spring weather this week so thanks for your wishes. :) My goodness, that bouquet is gorgeous. It must bring joy to you every time you pass by. I'm still enjoying my yellow begonia. Have a great Sunday evening, Mary. xo

  6. This weather! What is going on?? Your flowers look divine, Mary. Can't beat Trader Joe's. Cheers from chilly DC, Loi

  7. Your arrangement is just gorgeous! Wishing the Trader Joe's was closer to my house, but my market has some special lovelies too. Last week we had temperatures in the low 80's, amazing for April. This week it looks like clouds and 60's, which is more normal. But oh that little bit of sunshine was a true delight.

  8. I so like fresh flowers about the house. Yours are lovely.

  9. Stock smells so wonderful and adds a lot to your bouquet. The dark colour really sets off the creams and pinks of your tulips. I'm glad the freezing temperatures didn't harm your garden.

  10. Stock? I know nothing of this flower, though it certainly is gorgeous. What a beautiful bouquet you created. Very glad that your garden was not harmed. My garden is not doing so well, but I have hope of a revival soon. It certainly has been a brrrrrisk month.

  11. Lovely arrangement! I haven't any garden flowers of my own yet at our new house, but I do love fresh flowers indoors. Unfortunately, I can't keep them out for others to enjoy because our kitties try to munch on them. I sometimes put an arrangement in our bedroom, though, which is always a treat!

  12. As my garden is on the wane it's a joy to find Spring flowers on display in your cottage Mary!
    Stocks are a favourite of mine too and their perfume is delicious.
    At the weekend, I picked what I thought was my last rose of Summer - however I now see a little flurry of new buds!

  13. Your flower arrangement is stunning and so opulent. I love it! We jsut bought a small bouquet of daisies form the grocery store this morning for $5 (great price) but I think I need to try out Trader Joe's again apparently!


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