Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Healthy Orange Glow. . . . . . . . . . . .

I picked up a bag of really juicy oranges at Aldi this past weekend - eight perfect 
lovelies for a total of $1.98, a true bargain. 
Can you imagine all the work involved to get these citrus fruits to my kitchen.
 The TLC given the trees in Florida and California, praying for good growing
 conditions over many months, harvesting, sorting, packing, shipping hundreds
 of highway miles before displaying them in the retail store . . . . . all for me, or you,
 to enjoy at such a low price!

Bringing home real oranges sometimes requires spending a little time
 squeezing because there's just nothing better than a glass of fresh juice.
  I never drink the juices in bottles or cartons but indulge myself when
 fresh oranges look as good as these.
A huge thank you to citrus growers everywhere, you are appreciated for
all your hard work to bring us beautiful fruit.


  1. That looks SO deliciously refreshing right now! As a child, I hated orange juice... but Mom always coaxed us kids to drink it, because of the vitamins and nutrients that is has to offer. Today, I savor a (small) glass of super-cold, fresh-squeezed orange juice whenever one is available! Richard and I had brunch at Irregardless a couple of weekends ago, and the orange juice was amazing! I may need to find some oranges this week... :)

  2. Eight oranges for two dollars! That would barely cover the transport. How can the farmers survive? Prices are a bit higher here, and much higher out bush. I generally pay over a dollar for each orange or apple at the supermarket. You were a very lucky shopper indeed. I am not a juice drinker but an orange makes a lovely breakfast.

  3. Oh yes, they're my all-time favorite. And right now oranges are at their best. Who can stop at one?

  4. I drove by Aldi today and considered stopping in. Now I'm wishing that I did. The taste of freshly squeezed O.J. is far superior to what is available in the grocery stores. It is quite amazing that they can be sold so inexpensively. I join you in thanking the farmers who do all of the hard work for us.

  5. A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice it such a delight!! Any time of day.

  6. How in the world do orange growers make any money selling them so cheap? Even here, I just bought 6 from Spain and they only cost 670 fils which is $2.20. I wash, quarter them and keep them in the fridge to eat. My 17 year old loves them!

  7. One of the things I miss about living in Florida is the wonderful citrus. That and the great fresh seafood!

  8. Your photographs are so gorgeous. You could make a living as a photographer if you wished.

  9. Yum, nothing better than fresh OJ in the morning with breakfast! We never drink OJ out of packages either.


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