Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rainy day on the front porch. . . . . .

Rain, rain come and stay. . . . . . we love having you
 for a day!

Yesterday's near perfect weather provided quite good conditions for mowing
 the grass and tidying up a bit around the front garden. 
Pollen still a problem as it was breezy - evening was spent sneezing - but fortunately 
we don't seem incapacitated by serious allergies as are so many during this season.
Our fixer-upper guy had a medical problem and hasn't shown up yet, hopefully 
he's going to arrive tomorrow and start on the cottage repairs.

Today it's raining which has helped dampen down the pollen. You can see it here
 on the cushions - no point in cleaning them off until perhaps next weekend when most
of the pollen should be done with. After today the weather will be sunny and dry for 
many days.

Did you see my little nesting box in the above photos?
I told you some weeks back that the Carolina chickadees were cleaning out 
the box. Later they brought in new twigs and such, now there are apparently 
eggs being kept warm - both male and female incubate - and we see this pair
coming and going with food as this one was yesterday in the sunshine. 
Baby chickadees soon hopefully!

Our two jasmines on the porch posts are already in bud, new growth is rampant
 and will soon require pruning weekly so we can get in the front door!
Everywhere is looking quite lush and lovely. That middle tree behind the bird
 feeder - which needs filling again - is our Celeste fig which hopefully will bring us a
 good harvest again in late Summer.
We live on a cul-de-sac and are fortunate there is no house directly across from us,
 just the small wooded area where the foxes and hawks hang out.
In so many ways we are lucky to live here, and it looks like we too will be 
hanging out here for a while longer!!!


  1. Mary, the beauty of your home and garden are simply put, "Breathtaking!"

  2. Spring has definitely arrived there Mary. It looks so green and lush. Pollen season is bad for my hubby. He has terrible allergies in spring and is quite miserable. You have a beautiful home and property - almost in the country. Have a lovely week. xx Pam

  3. Your home and landscape is absolutely gorgeous, Mary. Your porch is so inviting. :) Baby chickadees would be welcomed here, too. I was kept company today as I took a break from watching over Audrey and raked around the feeders. They are such sweet birds. I'm excited to see your little family show themselves.

  4. With you lovely photos that could easily be a magazine article. Everything looks so neat and green and manicured. Just lovely.

  5. Such a sweet cottage and wooded area around you. Yes, you are fortunate. It is beautiful and well loved.

  6. Your porch looks like a wonderful place to sit while enjoying the rain and keeping dry. Watching the birds would be an added bonus.

  7. Mary, it is so beautiful there - both inside and out.

  8. Love your front porch and the beautiful view you have. Everything looks so lush and lovely there now, though you can keep that heavy pollen - I'm highly allergic!

  9. Mary, your garden is lovely. What an inviting space you have created and, I agree with the others, your porch is exactly where I would sit and be perfectly happy!

  10. What a pretty cottage you have! It sounds so lovely with the chickadees there too. xx

  11. It all looks so pretty Mary and you have so much wildlife visiting your garden. It's a joy to see your home Mary. XXXX

  12. Everything is wonderfully pretty. What a lovely day. We had sun, pouring rain, sun, rain, sun, rain today - it was lovely to watch.

  13. Here in north Italy we have so beautiful days now, but it's really too warm for the season....we had a warm winter so in fact it's been only a very long spring all the way....
    Come visit me if you have time you're more than welcome https://gracieplace.wordpress.com/

  14. We have Mr. and Mrs Bluebird nesting at our house. Pollen is still a problem here. Met with Penny (Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen) yesterday in Asheville, went to the Screen door and thought of you!

  15. Yes, I noticed in one of your more recent post after this one that you seem to have a green belt directly in front of you! how fantastic is that? And a lovely back area too. I think you really would do well to stay in your wonderful charming cottage there, especially if you don't contend with any super noisy or smoking neighbours! Great!

    you were totally right about that nest! Can't wait to see the photos of the baby chickadees once they arrive. :)


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