Monday, May 9, 2016

Roses from the shade garden. . . . . . . . . . . .

I pruned my climbing New Dawn rose on the back fence down
to the ground last year. It was out of control, an overgrown mess, and
 not blooming much at all the past several years. 
The neighbor behind us planted a small southern magnolia tree a
 few years ago. It has already matured into a 30 foot giant, leaf dropping
 monster, and cuts out the sunshine to my sweet, delicate pink rose. 

After so much rain last week the rose is blooming anew and growing taller. 
 I'm now having to tie it up on the fence again and I'm so pleased knowing it still
 has the will to climb and bloom despite being in what is now a shade garden.
I cut a few roses for the kitchen window sill to enjoy these last few days before
leaving on my trip. Outside this window is a large variegated privet - now in
 full bloom also - the white flowers look like snow.

If you grow roses, remember they love full sun.
I sure wish that huge magnolia had never been planted.
Fences make great neighbors - messy trees above them do not!


  1. What a beautiful pink color! Yes, magnolias are a very messy plant!

  2. Mary I love the New Dawn rose as well, almost as much as the compassion. I have not planted another compassion, the last 3 have all stayed in the gardens they were planted in. I am waiting to see what the two climbing roses we bought are like, if they are no good I might put a New Dawn in.

  3. Mary, we don't have any climbing roses, but I've long admired them. Wish we had a spot. I know you are thrilled that this rose is once again growing and blooming. No magnolia trees in our yard, but many in our neighborhood. I noticed some blooms yesterday. The blooms are pretty, but yes, the trees are messy.
    Have a great week, my friend.

  4. Gorgeous roses, Mary. I love the spring.

  5. Dear Mary, New Dawn is one of my favorite roses. I had one growing in my garden but a grape vine overtook it. I'm so glad that you reminded me to get another.
    Love your photo with the light behind the rose.

  6. Lovely roses, despite the neighbours magnolia !

  7. New Dawn i such a pretty rose. I think I would be politely asking the neighbour if she could trim the tree!

  8. Sure looks like they are doing well with less sun. I can't grow them because of blackspot.

  9. How wonderful that your sweet rose is blooming in the shade. I do love a pink rose.

  10. Wish we had right to light laws as they do in Britain. We seem to be overly infatuated with trees. I am pretty certain that this is what has happened to my roses...not enough sun.

  11. This is my favourite time of the year for the garden Mary ........ you're right about the fact that roses like full sun but, our roses seem to do OK in our north-facing back garden for some reason.
    Wishing you a very happy holiday . XXXX

  12. It's a shame that such beautiful trees can spoil other plants around. Magnolias are gorgeous but yes, very messy once they finish their show. Your pink roses are exquisite Mary xx

  13. Your rose is determined in spite of the magnolia tree. I love the pale pink shade. Enjoy your trip!


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