Thursday, June 30, 2016

Airing the dirty linen!

Today I'm waiting for the repair guy.
My dryer quit heating a couple of days ago and I have nowhere to hang my 
linens and clothes outside to dry. Here in small 16th century alleys in the
 interesting little walled town of Viviers, situated on the bank of the Rhone River
in the Ardeche department of France, everyone 'pegged out' the wash without
any qualms whatsoever.

All Photos from Viviers, France, Oct. 2015

P.S. Don't forget to have a go at my travel 
guessing game in my previous post!


  1. Air dried laundry smells wonderful - but seems to need more ironing! I rarely hang things out as I don't have a clothesline. But in the summer, hangers work well on the gazebo.
    Beautiful pictures of France. Why am I reading blogs when I have so much to do?????

  2. Beautiful photos. I have some of the laundry photos from Venice Italy.

  3. Beautiful! Love seeing the linens hanging out to dry. It is pure joy each week as I hang my sheets out.

  4. Hi Mary! I love to hang clothes out to dry... I have a very small clothesline out our back door

  5. Mary, I love the smell of line dried clothes etc. Was I even on the right continent? I'm intrigued. Let us know soon where your next adventure is. I am going to have to travel vicariously through you.

  6. Line-dried bed linen is one of life's little luxuries to me. I love the smell of the sunshine 'trapped' in the fibres.

  7. I always line dry my laundry if possible even in winter as I prefer the freshness of outdoor dried things. My dryer has had a lot more use than usual this summer though as we've had so much heavy rain:(

  8. Gorgeous! If I put my laundry out, it sure wouldn't look that glamorous! Paris is just so characterful and charming. The belt on our dryer went out a few weeks ago. I tried putting clothes out to dry on a drying frame but usually too windy and dusty. And when the clothes dry, they are like cardboard because it's so hot here. We've already gotten up to 50 C and it's just now July. Ugh!

  9. That's fine if you can rely on the weather. We are lazy and use the spare room - panic when anyone comes to stay. Wonderful shots, Mary. There's a kind of other-worldliness quality to some of your photos.

  10. I suppose you don't have a clothesline? We only have an indoor one - I have bad allergies and I don't want my clothes, towels and bedding full of pollen and other allergens. So, most things I put in the dryer but cotton shirts I do hang on the indoor clothesline (it's a spoke-type device) in our basement.

  11. Photos from your travels are such treasures - we get a glimpse of wonderful things we would never see otherwise. We are not allowed clotheslines in our community - I sure miss mine that we had when we lived in the country, but there are other benefits to living here - so I shall not complain. Happy weekend my dear.


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