Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cherry ripe and a birthday coming. . . . . . . . .

Yesterday I made a cherry clafoutis with these wonderful firm and
 flavorful dark red stone fruits.
Yes, it's cherry ripe time! They are stacked upon grocery produce
 shelves in boxes and bags, and are really hard to resist.
These are also excellent for eating fresh.

 This is when I truly wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest where most
 of our cherries are grown, especially in beautiful Washington State.
The Dark Sweet mahogany red variety are the early ones grown
 commercially - large, firm, not too juicy, and with an intense vibrant 
flavor. They keep well and are perfect for this classic French dessert.

I use Ina Garten's clafoutis recipe from her cookbook Barefoot in Paris - it's
 actually for a pear clafoutis (also yummy). I substituted black raspberry
 Chambord liqueur which worked well.

July 5 is Bob's Birthday. He'll be away in his home town
in New Hampshire for his annual baseball & beer few days 
with his older brother. I love that they have made this an annual get
 together and can still have a fun time. We wives used to go too but have
 decided to let the 'boys be boys' while they still can!
Last night for supper this dessert stood in for an early Birthday 'cake', 
and it was delicious!


  1. I bet that looks pretty sliced, too. Anything you make, Mary, looks delicious. I hope Bob has a fun 'boy's time' away. I wish him a very "Happy Birthday" with a cherry on top. :) hugs, Deb

  2. I have never made that Mary, but I do have a recipe. That is a nice substitute for a birthday cake.

  3. I'm reading a book, a memoir called Lunch in Paris, and it features a few recipes. This was one. And then I read a post by Maggie at Normandy Life and she had a recipe. Now YOU! I think I have all the inspiration to give this a shot myself. It looks incredible.

    The Husband's birthday was yesterday, the 2nd. So close to Bob's. So nice that he is with family.

    I truly hope you are feeling well after your surgery. My low back problem is really terrible right now...I'll have an MRI on Thursday. I'm sure that more PT is just the remedy.

    Do you have your plans settled for Asheville yet? I so ned a getaway!


  4. I'd much rather have cherry clafoutis than cake any day. Yummy! Happy birthday to Bob!

  5. For me, cherries are best just picked from the tree, with nothing else than the sun upon them. Unfortunately, we've had such a wet cold spring and early summer that this year, the cherry tree in front of my kitchen window offers more worms than fruit... they (the cherries, not the worms) look great, perfect, dark red big and juicy, but I've managed to eat only a handful and to throw most of them out since I don't like my fruit to be "inhabited".
    It sounds a great way for your husband to spend his birthday!

  6. Your dessert is (almost) too pretty to eat. We were eating cherries yesterday and enjoying them immensely. Definitely one of the highlights of summertime.
    Happy Birthday to Bob. What a fun tradition the brothers have.

  7. What a perfect birthday cake. Happy Birthday to your Bob! I have had a recipe sitting on my table for just this dessert, but must head for the store for cherries. Oh I love cherry season. Happy 4th of July! I know Bob and his brothers are having a terrific time together, what a fun tradition.

  8. Your dessert looks wonderful! I have used that recipe before. Happy Birthday to Bob!

  9. I don't have the book, I don't have the recipe. Can some one share it? The desert looks fabulous!

    1. Hi Stella - here's the recipe - you can substitute cherries (which is the classic clafoutis) for Ina's version using pears.

      Thanks for stopping by - Mary

  10. Best birthday wishes to Bob! Almost a July 4th baby. '-)
    The cherries ~ delicious. Hope you have enjoyed a wonderful day.

  11. Oh I do love clafoutis and the price of cherries is right! Thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Mary - for some reason I wasn't allowed to leave a comment on your most recent post. I hadn't realised you had been in hospital etc. It sounds as though you're making a speedy recovery without my very best wishes - but here they are anyway!

  13. That looks wonderful, as do the brownies from the post after this! You really must be one amazing cook!

    BTw, I was surprised to read how you eat out in the gazebo as I thought it would be too humid there?


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