Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fig Heaven. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . is the name of the wonderful cook book written by Marie Simmons you
 can see here.
  It was a gift to me a few years ago from dear blog friend Sara in
 Southern California, when she noticed I was growing two fig trees from
 tiny plants purchased in pots from the Home Depot.
Both of my little potted figs, a Brown Turkey and a Celeste, are now gigantic
 trees 12-14 feet tall - they will require a major pruning come Autumn.  
Sara I hope you are reading this.

The past couple of Summers I've had great fig harvests, especially from the Celeste,
 and this year the Brown Turkey is also doing well. 
Yesterday my official fig picker, dear Bob, rapped on the screen door with the news
 of "lots of figs are ready - hand me a bowl."

After half an hour he returned with a large bowl overflowing with ripe figs, these
 are just a few of them!  Tomorrow I will share them with a friend when we meet early
 for coffee and a chat before the oppressive heat sets in.

The last couple of years I made a lot of fig jam, usually in August when the
 harvest was at its peak, and much of it was bestowed on anyone who
arrived at the front door. This year I hope to make more later.

Meanwhile, because we'll be away for a few days next week, I'm using these early
 figs in my morning Greek yogurt with a drizzle of wildflower honey, in a fig clafoutis, 
and for Saturday night supper, my favorite savory using figs, salmon and
 potatoes roasted on fig leaves with fresh fig salad. . . . . . . . . and, if time,
 more delectable puff pastry fig tarts. If anyone wants recipes let me know.


  1. Figs always used to be such a treat - at Christmas. But they were dried - can't beat a fresh one. No chance we could grow them in our climate, though - perhaps in your home county, Mary?! Had a good starter of fresh fig and a soft blue cheese, oven-baked.

  2. Mary, they are beautiful. I am still trying to find a spot for a fig tree. Your fruit looks beautiful. Try this Greek Chicken Salad...

  3. Figs are really special, aren't they! Strangely enough, I enjoy their scent almost more than their actual taste, but I do love their taste, too. My favourite way for eating fresh figs is with vanilla ice cream :-) I've not tried them savoury, but I imagine they'd be wonderful in a salad with goat cheese.

  4. That book looks like a generous and well suited gift for you, Mary. I never see a fig without thinking of you and all of the wonderful things you do with them in your kitchen. I like how Bob gets in on the action too :).
    Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool (if that is even possible).

  5. Oh dear Mary, I m so jealous. I have always wanted a fig tree. I love fresh figs. A fig tree just wouldn't survive in this climate. I might have to try one in my greenhouse, that is, if I can find a little plant.

    1. Wish so much I could ship you some Gina but they probably would be a rotten mush by the time they reached you I fear! Figs don't have a long shelf life and of course with our heat index due to reach 110F here by Sunday - even my shelf life will be at risk also!!!

      Thank you, thank you Gina for your kindness.
      Hugs - Mary

  6. Part of my new garden plan includes a fig tree. In the meantime I await friends' harvests!
    Would you be willing to share your fig jam recipe?

    1. Getting ready to travel for a few days but will give you the recipe soon dear H.
      Mary -

  7. Would love the recipe for the salmon and potatoes!

    1. OK dear, will post it soon!

      Mary -

  8. I have never tried fig jam and I bet it's wonderful. Must look for it. Love your photos as always, Mary. Deb

  9. I may need a recipe or two. Mine will be ripe in a couple more weeks and it looks like a nice little crop.

  10. Marilyn, let me know what you might want to bake!
    Mary x

  11. I will love some figs in the morning next to my coffee. I am curious too about the recipe.

  12. Mary, those figs look wonderful!! I bet they tasted just wonderful. Enjoy!!

  13. Oh, how wonderful! Our fig tree is producing lots of fruit this year, and I'm not quite certain when to pick it. I'd love the salmon, potato and fig recipe, also your fig jam. I see you're away for a few days, hope you're enjoying yourselves and staying cool!


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