Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Flowers. . . . . . .

Yesterday, despite the heat, I spent a little time cutting back the jasmines 
on the front porch and, tucked in between all the now dried and fried hydrangeas,
 I found three new blooms of blue. Nature's surprises often catch one off guard.
Before cutting these I made a run to Trader Joe's for something to 
add to the big vintage jug - perfumed stocks were as always my first choice
 for a casual, inexpensive, loose and simple arrangement.

I did cut quite a few hydrangeas for drying before they turned too brown,
but it looks like these are the last colorful blooms of the season so brought 
them inside to enjoy this weekend.


  1. It's beautiful, Mary, and I love the jug. I guess it is time for me to bring in a few hydrangea, too, before they turn brown. I'd like to try to dry some for the winter months.

  2. Home after our vacation in France, I got time to catch up with your blog. Always a pleasure (especially Ireland, my best travel memories so far). Glad you're doing fine after the surgery, and I'm waiting for your next travel's photo sharing.

  3. That's a lovely arrangement, Mary. I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby!

  4. Beautiful! I really like hydrangeas, especially the blue ones. My grandmother used to have two large bushes of pink ones in her front garden. One of her friends always asked her for some dry stalks and then spray-painted them golden - they looked beautiful as Christmas decorations.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful Mary! That's funny you said your trimed your Jasmine yesterday on your front porch. I braved the heat and trimmed my Jasmine on my back porch. It had taken over!! I have some of my hydrangeas drying now too. I have a Parsienne flower container that I'm going to put them in.

  6. Pretty and restful. Enjoy your week my dear.

  7. Such pretty blooms and you have a great talent for arranging bouquets. I don't have much to cut so I rely on the shops. No matter, flowers in our homes make us smile!


  8. Dear Mary, I love this charming little bouquet.

  9. Gorgeous!! The flowers this time of the year are definitely to be enjoyed.

  10. What a gorgeous arrangement, and I bet they smelled wonderful, too!


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