Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We're back. . . . . . and we're busy!

It really doesn't take much to make me happy and excited these days.
While putting out my Springtime/Easter decor in the dining room this
 morning, I saw them flitting back and forth out of the corner of my eye.
Grabbed the camera and started shooting through the window.
Are they the very same pair of Carolina chickadees from last year, 
 maybe even the year before, building again in the tiny decorative
 HOME SWEET HOME box? Or perhaps it's an offspring
who has brought a mate back here to its birthplace to start a
new family. How will we ever know?

The mysteries of Nature are many and some we never get an answer to.
I do know these very tiny birds are awesome, and their amazing
housekeeping and nest building skills using just a tiny beak, and those
 two big feet, bring me joy just from watching them work so hard on the
 front porch now that Spring is almost here.

Last year I was privy to the fledging of four tiny babies from this same nest 
box HERE on April 27.  Not sure I'll be fortunate enough to see a repeat 
performance this year!

Good luck little Carolina chickadees. 
I hope all goes well and you raise a sweet family here.


  1. It really is Home Sweet Home for the chickadees. You will enjoy having them again, I'm sure. Did I ever tell you they are my favorite bird? lol Only a million times. You are so lucky to have them setting up camp. :) I, too, hope all goes well for them. The retired guy is in the midst of building me a bluebird house and that makes me happy. *clap clap* Enjoy, Mary. Deb

  2. Your chickadees are sweet little birds, Mary. I like watching ours (not Carolina's) flit about the yard. How fun that they are building a nest in the box again. Do you clean it out each autumn?

  3. They certainly will have the prettiest home on the block. :) Such sweet little birdies.

  4. Good luck indeed, sweet little chickadees!
    Well, you COULD find out whether they are the same birds from last year, if they were ringed and registered :-)

  5. Oh how exciting, Mary! I hope you have them nest again and get to enjoy the young ones!

  6. We are so lucky when birds nest nearby. How wonderful for you to be able to watch them so closely. I always, always LOVE you bird pictures. Enjoy the adventure of this little family.

  7. I've simply GOT to stop Alex from buying any more bird houses. We have TWO now. AS cute as yours here. I can see how they could get quite addictive. no birds yet, must say.


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