Sunday, April 2, 2017

Blooming April in the southeast. . . . . .

Steaming coffee mug in hand, still in my robe (dressing gown for my Brit readers),
 hair like a bird's nest from a rather restless night, I 'walked the bounds' of my little
 secret garden after the sun came up on this beautiful Sunday morning.

So many of the azalea buds were zapped in the three nights of below freezing 
temperatures a couple of weeks ago, especially the big loose flowers of my
favorite, George Tabor - the lovely pink one in the center of the collage.
They budded so early in February - an unusually warm month this year -
 and along with my hydrangeas, jasmines and the two fig trees, really took
 a beating. The deeper pink double blooming azaleas are fine, and red and
 white ones are just starting to show color so are in good shape and will look
 pretty in another week or so, perhaps in full bloom for Easter.

Other pretty shrubs and plants in the collage are doing well -
they include variegated Solomon's Seal, Spanish bluebells, hosta,
vining akebia, tulips (dark Queen of the Night and Pink Diamond), and
 pansies and violas in pots along the front walkway.

Shortly we are heading into the garden to work for a while. It's a comfortable 52F
 and Bob has to mow again as the grass is growing like crazy.  I will deadhead
 the daffodils, fertilize some perennials, pull a few weeds. . . . . . . and pick a small
bunch of bluebells for the kitchen windowsill.
I do believe Spring is really here at last.

Hope your day is beautiful.


  1. Your spring garden is looking lovely, Mary. Enjoy your time out there today. I worked in my garden yesterday, but now that you mention it, I may deadhead the daffodils today. Isn't the weather gorgeous this weekend?
    Several of my plants were nipped too. I'm most concerned about the hydrangeas. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Me too Kim, my hydrangeas really took a beating and they were looking so good in Feb. with that first flush of new leaves.
      Let's keep fingers crossed!

  2. Lovely blooms in your garden Mary - I envy you your varigated Solomon's Seal, I only have the 'common all garden' plain one. Love this time of the year when everything is fresh and bright with blue skies overhead.

  3. You have such a pretty garden. I am so looking forward to creating a garden at our new home. Have a wonderful day.

    1. You will, you will - I've seen your other lovely gardens Penny dear.

  4. Beautiful! Enjoy your day. Hugs!

  5. What a lovely garden you have. The flowers are amazing.

  6. It does look as if Spring has arrived there. We are enjoying Spring time too.

  7. I love how early spring comes for you, Mary. So many pretty plants and a huge variety we don't have in the Midwest. Were any of your perennials growing when you moved in or was this garden created by you and Bob?

    Enjoy the better temps. And never mind sipping coffee outdoors in your robe...I've been known to take out the trash, meet with the meter man, sign orders for deliveries, all in my PJ's...I'm the crazy lady in the neighborhood! ;-D

    Hugs to you both!

    Jane x

    1. Dearest Jane, if you are the 'crazy lady' I'm right there with you as the 'nut case' - haha!!!!! Years ago when having to go to a full time job early every morning, I would drive by a lovely house and garden and see this woman in her robe, coffee/tea in hand, strolling through the shrubbery and flower beds and feel so envious she was at home and I had to work in the city - yes I admit to that crime! I would tell myself that someday I would do that - enjoy the morning with birdsong, view dewdrops on my flowers, and enjoy nature. We created the garden over the past 30 years - it was just old farmland with too many big trees.
      The builder had put in a lawn out front and a row of boxwoods along the foundation, that was about it. Now it's all showing its age, kinda like its owners who can't till and toil as they used to, and I must admit much of the back area is being permitted to revert to more natural areas again - it's my Secret Garden and a little sanctuary for the birds and assorted wildlife.

      Hugs - Mary

  8. Love your pics Mary. New header too. We are a little behind you, but hopefully no more freezes!

  9. Mary, Mary, does yor garden grow! I love it. So pretty! Thanks for showing us. And I'm sure the lil' critters didn't mind your bird's nest hair either


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