Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Dr. Ruppel" has arrived. . . . . . . . . .

April is bringing back the always welcomed clematis. 
Skinny vines winding and twirling, bright green leaves fresh and veined,
bursting buds dusted lightly with pollen.
Several plants have yet to wake from winter sleep and share blooms, 
however "Dr. Ruppel", is actively climbing the birdhouse and, as always,
 is the first clematis to show its magnificent striped magenta flowers.

Glories of the garden.


  1. So beautiful!
    We've been having everything yesterday: sleet, rain, snow, hail and even some sunny bits in between. Today does not look much better, and I am so sorry for all the baby birds and other young animals having to endure the cold.

  2. Beautiful, Mary. And your header...oh boy!. Gorgeous.

  3. It is always a happy day when the clematis unveil their beautiful flowers. This is a fabulous shot of Dr. Ruppel. I'm curious to know what time of day it was when you took the pic. The light is so nice.
    My mailbox is currently awash in a sea of unfolding purple flowers. Trouble is, I don't remember the name of this clematis.

    1. Hi Kim - I took it at 9:30 am looking approximately northeast - of course it was a beautiful sunny morning!

  4. The former owner planted many clematis (one like yours) but for some reason they do not grow very long. I hesitated to cut any back the first spring, but next year I think I'll try it to see if they will grow bigger.

  5. What a beauty! Clematis is an annual in my corner and, even at that, they are worth the expense!

  6. There is nothing more wonderful than fresh flowers, especially ones you've grown in your own garden. xx's

  7. I've never heard of this one before but what a glorious specimen indeed!!

  8. I love clematis - too early for mine yet, but I'm anxiously awaiting it! Yours is a beauty!

  9. Yes!!! Truly this is glory in the garden. It is beautiful!

  10. Once upon a time we had clematis too! I miss it. Don't know if it was the deer or the groundhogs that loved it too. What a beautiful shade.

  11. Incredible looking! never seen one in person, well, I don;t think so anyway.


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