Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gardening with pink and green. . . . . .

What a crazy Spring we are having here. Everything started blooming during an
 unusually mild February, then three unexpected below freezing nights devastated
 so many trees, shrubs and plants.
 New growth is showing on many things, but the azaleas, hydrangeas,
 jasmines and fig trees certainly took a beating and are struggling.

Sharing a few photos of what we are seeing right now this somewhat
wild April day.
The day started out dark and damp. Threatened by possible severe storms 
which have been forecast, we're hoping "possible tornado activity" will miss our area.
 As of now, early afternoon, the sun is in and out but the winds are gusting and strong.

Some azaleas have not done as well as usual due to the cold, however we still
 have some lovely ones dotted about the garden. In the back right the wisteria
 on the arbor (not very visible) lost its first leaves however new ones are now
 peeping out, hooray!

My tulips are almost over but have been pretty as only tulips can be - always a favorite 
around here.
Dogwoods are blooming everywhere now, apparently not damaged by that freeze thankfully.
Birds are busy in the search for a mate!

Chinese snowball bush starting to bloom.
Hostas and Solomon's Seal pushing up fast and furious - love how they add such
 a bright green punch to the waiting to be raked and tidied up dead leaves in the beds.
Just a teeny hint to the resident gardener!

What's growing in your garden this week?


  1. What a lovely refreshing sight to see the pinks of the azalea and all the greens of the shrubs in your gardens. Lots of snow here but today's fog and rain will melt it down a bit more. A slow melt is what we need. I'm glad the severe storms missed you. Have a lovely day.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous azaleas and dogwoods! Beautiful what has survived...hope too many things haven't been lost by the freezes.

  3. How beautiful! This rental house has a few azaleas in front and in back and they are blooming. There is a dogwood and redbud tree by the lake across the street in bloom as well. I am looking forward to gardening again once we have our house built and settle in!

  4. You have so much colour in your garden already.

  5. They are incredible. It's all so pretty, Mary. What a joy that garden oasis has been to you over thee yers and so glad we get to be apart of it too.

    the only thing growing in the garden here are lil' blue hyacinths at the base of our tree. We are excited though to see that we seem to have some flowering trees on the sides that will surely bloom soon enough. It's like a secret "garden" (not really a garden though) in that we have never seen this place at this time of year so it will be fun to see the trees all in bloom, etc. I think we will get a fair bit of shades which will be great!

  6. All that is bloomimg in your garden makes up for all that is still buried under snow in mine. I am getting through spring looking at gardens well south of me. Glad that the freezes didn't cause too much damage.

  7. It all looks gorgeous to me, Mary. I love the Dogwood. I planted two last year.

  8. Spring is really sprung where you are. Such beautiful pictures. I noticed the dogwood is blooming here finally as are several other things. I love spring but I could do without the pollen.

  9. Our garden is at least 2 weeks later than usual. By now we usually have the pink dogwood and calla lily blooming, but they are just showing a hint of what is to come. Our tulips and the blossoms on our cherry and plum trees are just beginning. The daffodils are almost finished with their show and oh how I love them. Normally the beginning of roses has begun, but so far just leaves and no buds. I love seeing your azaleas. They do add so much color to the garden.

  10. To me, your azalea doesn't look as if it had taken a beating, but then of course I do not have the comparison with what it would usually look like :-)
    Here, my neighbour's garden is at its most beautiful: primulae in all colours dot the grass, her fruit trees are in bloom, and soon the lilac tree will start! A wonderful time of year here.

  11. So much beauty in your gardens already! Still not much here in northern IL - lilac bushes and forsythias are blooming; daffodils are finally poking out of the ground. I noticed walking around my very muddy yard today, that some hostas are starting to poke up out of the ground...just the little pointy purple tips. It's a start!

  12. Oh, my! What beauty grown in your gardens, Mary. Thanks for sharing this joy. Happy Spring!

  13. The pinks of your azaleas are so pretty, Mary. I'm glad they survived the weird temperature changes. Hyacinths, daffodils, and grape hyacinths are what's blooming around here. And I noticed tiny tight buds on the lilac bush. The tulips are trying hard, but have a ways to go. It's still rather chilly here.
    It's a wonderful time of the years!


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