Sunday, April 23, 2017

Green thumb . . . . . . . . . .

Somehow I missed celebrating Earth Day yesterday, so today I'm sharing the
view from the front porch this morning looking out across our little quarter acre.
My feeling is that every day this amazing planet Earth should be celebrated,
 whether you have beautiful sprawling country acreage, or just a small plot
 outside the city.

Yesterday morning we sat out here in brilliant sunshine with our coffee, and by
 late morning is was hot. Today cooler weather has returned with a vengeance
 and it will stay a couple of days with the possibility of heavy rains. . . . . . there's a
 light rain just starting now.   
Personally I am embracing this cool Sunday morning. I don't enjoy heat - especially
 when the air conditioning system is on the blink which ours is at present! 
With rain dampening down the pollen - enabling me to throw open the 
windows - and refreshing all the shades of green, I took these few photos early
 today to show you how green it is around the cottage.

The small oak tree, snuggling up to the fig, I've mentioned often.
This is 'Bob's Oak', growing from an acorn that sprouted here several years ago.
"Leave it" Bob would say when I showed up with the weeding tools.
 "Let's just see what it does". Well here it is, already a substantial tree 
with a pleasing shape which seems to be growing about a foot annually.
The birds love it, using it as a perching place for the feeder and bath.

These three trees were all started by us - the red maple, Celeste fig, and
 of course the some day 'mighty oak' perhaps to be enjoyed by generations to come!

New Boston ferns are now hanging on the porch - always a favorite here in
 Summer months. In Winter they become nighttime roosts for our family of 
Carolina wrens who snuggle in the pots, making small 'bedrooms' when the
 plants are brown and ugly. . . . . . .but I don't have the heart to take them
 down until I replace with new ones come April. I must admit, any birds 
trying to nest here in Spring - usually finches who adore hanging baskets but
 are so messy - get shooed away because the ferns can't be watered if they move in!


  1. We have had rain all day today, but it is very green here too. The dogwoods are blooming in the woods and look so bright white against the new green leaves.

    1. Dogwoods just about all over around here Penny - not quite as pretty this year due to that three-day freeze which damaged so much.
      Raining heavily on and off but might be much worse tomorrow.

  2. It is lovely to think that one has planted a tree for generations to come.

    1. Oh yes Barbara - and to think the red maple was only $20 as a small sapling in a pot - the fig basically the same and it's provided us with so much fruit - and the one-day-to-be giant oak (perhaps) was free and saved one little acorn from the the compost bin!

      Thanks for stopping by - hope all is good in Cornwall.
      Mary x

  3. Mary, I love the "mighty oak". I love how Bob said to just let it go and see what it does. And now look at it. It's beautiful. Your post reminded me of when my late husband and I planted a Japanese maple in the backyard of our Illinois home. It was probably about 1993. We moved in 1996 to Ohio and I always wondered about that pretty little maple. It was only a few feet tall when we planted it. So today I did a Google search and found a street view of our old property. And there it was . . . a beautiful Japanese maple in the backyard, and it's now probably about 15 - 20' tall. It brought tears to my eyes. Jim died in Columbus, OH in 2007, I'm remarried and living in Oregon, and the little sapling we lovingly planted together is faithfully growing -- alive and well in Illinois. “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” -- Lucy Larcom. Thank you, my friend, for writing this post. ~ Nancy

  4. Today it is raining here in Mint Hill also. We need the rain and it does wash away the pollen. I bought and hung up my Boston ferns yesterday. I love them hanging on the front porch. Our sparrows sometimes make nests in them. Your photos are beautiful as always!! Enjoy the cooler weather Mary!

  5. I think it's wonderful that Bob was able to grow such a sweet oak from an acorn. It's actually a perfect size at this time, yet has room to grow.

    it's going to be warm and dry here until mid week. I'm enjoying it and have the heat completely turned off. Still, we'll have mostly cool weather throughout May.

    I've had the same problem with birds nesting in my newly hung summer plants. I lose them as I haven't the heart to water them. If they make a nest too close to one of our doors, like on the porch light, we try to knock it off before they lay eggs. They've gotten startled in the past and have abandoned the little babies.

    Have a good week, my friend!

    Jane x

  6. We've had some very welcome rain on Saturday, but Sunday was once more bright and sunny, and we made the most of it by going for a run in the morning and a walk in the palace grounds in the afternoon.
    Birds are nesting all around the house in various trees and shrubs, and make quite a racket when the neighbour's cat passes through the garden!

  7. Gorgeous Mary. The oak is impressive. I am surrounded by them at the farm and watch them grow in planters and window boxes where the squirrels plant them. Unfortunately, there are trillions of leaves every fall, so one tree is good.

  8. Boa tarde,linda vista que a sua casa tem, olhar para esses lindos verdes que natureza oferece é maravilhoso, o Carvalho é uma árvores forte que se transforma em beleza.

  9. Mary, everything looks amazing and so green and lush there! I like Bob's oak tree. Imagine it growing from a sprouted acorn that you found! Spring is just starting to show here. I cut some daffodil blooms this evening to open up in the house. xx Pam

  10. Oh your garden is soooo lush and green and beautiful too! Enjoy it! Wishing I could be outside enjoying a little warmer weather, it sounds divine!

  11. I'm so glad you left it. that tree is a welcome relif for the birds and shade for you. Wow, it's grown fast!


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