Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scribble Picnic - Grandfather Clock

Something I never had growing up, and never planned to own as a grown up, 
was a grandfather (or grandmother) clock. I never lived in a house large enough.
 A big clock required a large entry or hallway to show it off, perhaps backed by a
 beautiful William Morris patterned wallpaper, standing proudly across
 from an elegant carved hall tree where rich guests would hang their cashmere coats, 
top hats, and of course sleek black umbrellas - it was England after all!
Childhood in England was often like that for my wealthier school friends who
 lived in posh houses - but not for the likes of my family.

 Wouldn't you know it - on a day long ago, Bob was awarded with a
monster beautiful Howard Miller grandfather clock to celebrate 45 years
 with his company! Yikes, I was really hoping for something smaller, but we'd
 already received a more usable elegant mantel clock at the 25 year mark!
 So, "Grandfather" stands here in the office right next to my desk - which is really
 my sewing machine cabinet, I told you we are somewhat squeezed for space.
 Our small entry and narrow hallway downstairs has no room for a big clock.

Needless to say, time never stands still around the cottage, there are
 melodious  Westminster chimes echoing through the walls nonstop and, 
when grandfather clock strikes, like every English child who was taught
 nursery rhymes, I want to sing ~
Hickory, Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, 
and. . . . . . . . well you know the rest of the rhyme even if you're not English!
Michael - you continue to bring back those childhood memories.

Our very own grandfather clock - photographed, edited, and colored with
 watercolor pencils.
At present we have no real mice in the cottage, thank goodness.

Do visit the weekly Scribble Picnic at Michael's blog. We'd love you to
 join us with your grandfather clock art. Hey, if a non-artist like me can 
do it, you can too. Everyone is welcome.


  1. Such a lovely post, Mary, and great job on the Grandfather Clock. I enjoyed the story of how you ended up with one.

    We never had a Grandfather Clock either but I did buy my parents a Cuckoo Clock many years ago which they loved. Everyone would wait for the clock to hit the hour so they could watch the little cuckoo come out to call out the hour. haha I agree, Michael's themes are bringing back a lot of childhood memories for me also. What fun!

  2. I like the detail of the clock & the added mouse is cute.

    have a lovely day.

  3. It is so beautiful Mary and thanks for sharing the story of how you were meant to have a Grandfather clock!

  4. What a wonderful photo/watercolor! We never had a grandfather clock growing up either. I do have my faux Mora clock that is battery operated.

  5. I'll have to take a look at this clock the next time Colin and I are over for a visit -- I know I've seen it, but can't remember it in much detail! Lovely color that you've added - and such a fun little mouse adorning the clock! Love to you and Grandpa Bob! xx

  6. Mary what a wonderful story, that your husbands rewards of work were clocks. The grandfather clock is beautiful..haha I used Hickory Dickory Dock in my illustration with a "twist".

  7. I bet it is melodious. There were 7 of us that lived upstairs from my grandparents. Definitely no room for a grandfather clock. What they had downstairs that I always loved was an anniversary clock - gold and under a glass dome, it always fascinated me. This is a wonderful rendition of your clock and what a cute little mouse.

  8. OOh, that's a suuper great addition, Mary! Love the pencil work and your cute lil' mouse! Love your write up too. how funny that after all that you ended up with a wonderful but huge clock as such. I am sure you love those chimes though!

    It's funny, as while we always had our "grandmother" clock actually, it usally squeezed in one star landings and we would have to squeeze past it...but you are so right as when my great grandfather owned it he lived in an estate with lots of homes throughout London (needless to say all that was gone by the time my mother reached full adulthood)! As I mentioned on my post, my mother has several other large pieces from that era, her grandparents (nothing from her parents as it all went to the brother)! Some are so lovely but no one wants them now as no one has the size for them and one can't even sell them for nearly what they should be worth.

    Anyway, great piece. Thanks for the memories too! :)

  9. Wow your very own GF clock and handsome it is as is your art. I grew up with one and I do feel they need a large house to hold the chiming that goes on.

    Reading your words... made me think it would be wonderful to turn one of these into a cabinet, it would be just the size I need for my bathroom. My wee log cabin can not hold the chiming, but i love this idea!

    Lovely evening to you!

  10. Mary,
    Wonderful! Love the story about your clock too. And I love the sound of the bongs - some people don't. We have had visitors ask us to make it silent. But I love hearing the sound. I can picture it in your cottage - minus the mice (which I bet you have sometimes).

  11. What a lovely clock, though I can understand that you would prefer it to have its own space! Have never had a grandfather clock, but do have an assortment of older wall and mantel clocks that we have acquired over the years. Usually only one is kept wound, and it isn't one that chimes, so no problem with the sound!

  12. What fun to hear your story of the clock. Love your picture too.

  13. hahaha I had to chuckle when you said, "no real mice in the cottage"...lucky you! :) Beautiful grandfather clock! I love the different color tones you've used to bring out the wood.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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