Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday used to be a day of rest. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . and actually today, this Sunday, I'm planning one of those for a change. 
Whether it will happen I'm not certain, things have a way of creeping up unexpectedly.
I still have the cough I brought home from Europe and don't yet feel really well.
Last night's terrible London attacks have been so upsetting yet again.
Today I don't want to hear any news. I may just stay here in the guest room away
 from all the sadness of the world.
 As cowardly as it sounds, today I am burying my head in the sand. 


  1. Dear Mary, Taking it easy for a day is a good idea. Hope you get better soon.

  2. We all need time 'away' from it all, Mary. I hope you have a restful day and heal. I just might do the same.

  3. Boa tarde, domingo de descanso também é necessário, não devemos esquecer as vitimas de mais um ataque cobarde, mas podemos recordar bons momentos que a vida trouxe, desejo-lhe as melhoras da tosse.

  4. Rest is a very good thing, and very necessary. May your day be truly restful and restorative. Take good care of yourself!

  5. I don't blame you. It is all so sad. I hope you rest and shake that cough.

  6. Such sad news on London! Enjoy some rest today!!

  7. I am a firm believer in staying in bed and ignoring the world now and then. It soothes your soul not to let any of the terrible ugliness in .. keep it all out and be peaceful.
    much love, C

  8. A day of mental and physical rest is good for the soul and body. I hope it's been restorative. Such sad news about London.

  9. Somedays we just need to do that.

  10. Resting is good for the soul - especially with all that is sad that is around us - hope your relaxing day helps you to feel better. Many hugs.

  11. It is perfectly legitimate to bury one's head in the sand every now and then, I think!
    A bit worrying that you still have the cough you caught on your last trip. What does your doctor say about it?

  12. I don't blame you at all there, Mary, and made worse somehow when contending with such an awful lingering cold you've had. These stories of tragedy and terror break my heart.


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