Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Scribble Picnic - Watermelon

Photo taken at Costco - edited to a sketch - watercolor pencils.

I walked into Costco last week to pick up a few items - a salmon, pine nuts and
 olive oil (pesto season is here), healthy greens, red peppers by the bag, 
breakfast berries etc . Costco is just a few minutes drive from here.
Costco, you know how to entice with your attractive offerings. . . . . .and most of
them are way over-sized when shopping for just two, but still we buy and then
 spend hours rustling up recipes, cooking, freezing, because there's no space
 remaining in the refrigerator to store so much fresh food!

Do you do that?
Please tell me I'm not alone.
I think I need to travel more and stay away from Costco!

However, when faced with these, I immediately knew I had a source for
 this week's SCRIBBLE PICNIC theme from Michael - WATERMELON - but 
that there was no way Costco could tempt me to buy one. Taking a few photos
 was all I needed to do.
There aren't many foods I dislike but watermelon is one I really don't like at all.
 No matter how scorching hot the summer day, I have to find other cooling
 foods or beverages, the texture of a watermelon, seeds or not, just doesn't
 do it for me.

Please stop over at Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC today - I just know there will
be some great artists who love watermelon and have sketched some beauties!

Today is my dear husband's birthday - he's requesting lunch at his favorite Thai
restaurant. Sounds perfect to me so we'll be heading out at noon for crispy chilled
 summer rolls, spicy tofu Pad Thai, and that always delicious thirst quenching
 Thai iced coffee - who needs a watermelon to stay cool!

Bob thanks you for the kind birthday wishes you left on my previous post -
and of course I thank you also.


  1. Hello Mary: I am with you regarding watermelon. It is the only fruit that I dislike, don't know why, is it the texture as you mention? the taste? the mess while eating it? A nice ice cold glass of lemonade for me, please.

  2. Great scribble! I am not a big fan of watermelon either.

  3. Lovely watermelons in your Costco rendition!! We are just two, and I do a Costco Run each month for items I use. Trader Joe's is another place and then I have a regular grocery store. I do find ways to freeze things, but we also have a small freezer.

    Perhaps watermelon is one of those things you Love or Hate...I'm on the lover side as we grew up in a rural area and watermelons were everywhere, and cheap or grow them in your garden.

  4. I don't buy fresh goods at Costco. We need to travel 2 hours to get to one. So we stock up on Frozen fish, nuts, olives, and big items that will store.
    I like watermelon but it doesn't like me. It seems I have a sensitivity to it. Go figure.
    Great picture,

  5. Wonderful piece for the theme, Mary! We rarely had watermelon when we were kids so it was a real treat when Mum would bring one from shipping. We were always under strict orders to take it outside to eat.... They can be messy. haha

    If I had to pick one common fruit that I wasn't keen on, it would be strawberries. I think it's the flavour more than anything else. I will eat them fresh occasionally but I don't enjoy them like I do other fruits. I hate strawberry-flavoured foods....definitely no strawberry milkshakes for me. haha

    I hope you have a lovely week, Mary.

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband first of all, and you've done a beautiful job with the watermelon 'sketch' Mary. You might be the first person I've 'met' who doesn't like watermelon!

  7. with the image cropped/colored like that, they looked slightly unlike watermelons. I always find the outside of watermelons kind of odd with their patterns. I don't quite like watermelons either but mostly I've not tasted any good ones, I guess.

    have a lovely day.

  8. Oh Mary, you found the mother load of watermelons there. What great inspiration for your scribble. We have a regular list of items we get from Costco. And I kid my husband that he goes there for the "senior buffet" - all the samples. It can be embarrassing at times, but not as embarrassing as what happened to my daughter-in-law's uncle. He would go to his local Costco every day at lunch for the samples and not buy anything and they finally asked him not to come in anymore. Imagine that!

  9. Please give my late best wishes to Bob. Watermelons can be oh so refreshing and good if they are sweet and the right amount of ripeness. My last one was not so good, but the one I have now is delicious. I love making a watermelon salad by drizzling a mixture of lime juice and honey over it, then toss it a bit of basil. Delicious!

  10. Please tell me that my last comment did save. I never saw a message indicating that it was excepted for review.

    Anyway, I wanted to add that I totally understand if you don't contribute to the next weeks theme which is somewhat different. However, you certainly have some entries into the summer giveaway! now, wouldn't that be funny if you one since your granddaughter, Cassie one the last one! We shall see. Iam going to write a post on this very soon... probably later tonight.

    1. No Michael, there was no other comment from you so something happened in the big computerized universe and ate your words!
      Interest is peaking here - what on earth are you coming up with next? Hurry please, I'm impatient. . . . . .and old!!!!!

  11. It would be strange if everyone liked all the same foods, and there are certainly plenty of foods besides watermelon for you to enjoy!
    No Costco near enough to us for me to even think about shopping at one.


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