Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sicily - Summer Fashions. . . . . . . . .

Seems ages since I did a 'fashion' post.

No, didn't do much shopping at all whilst in Sicily - other than a 
useful lemon squeezer - oh my, the Sicilian lemons are the world's best -
and definitely no clothes or shoes this time, bags were already overstuffed 
for the cruise, and this time orders were, "we are not buying another suitcase to
get things home." 
However I still enjoyed looking, and window shopping, and as you probably
 know, I love taking photos of shop windows. Just something really interesting 
 about reflections. . . . . . .and the mannequins are amazing these days.

Being in Italy and NOT buying shoes was hard!  While in Siracusa, I really was
 interested in these handmade sandals in gorgeous black and silver leather,
170.00 euros was just a bit much for sandals! I passed them up - and I kick
 myself daily on these 98F melting days and wish I had them - so different from
 anything I've seen around here.

via Anthropologie

But I do have these pants!  Not from Italy, from Anthropologie, and they 
are my best summertime buy this year!  I could live in these pants, and almost do,
 as they are so comfortable, a bit baggy, lightweight and cool, and despite wrinkling
 as linen does, having the fine stripe seems to mask creases really well. I throw 
them in the washer and dryer and put them back on. They fall just above the ankle
 or can be rolled twice to make them cropped at a good length (I'm quite tall - 5'8"), 
and can be dressed up or down with different tops and accessories.
If you bump into me any day this summer don't be surprised if I'm
wearing these pants!

Here I'm in the car heading west - yes, I even did that recent road trip to the
 North Carolina mountains wearing these comfortable pants.

Did you find something to wear this summer which you are really enjoying?


  1. Yes, some rubber Birkenstock knock-offs from Target. Even bought two more pairs since I knew they wouldn't have them next year. I love to window shop. They just don't have good window shopping where I live. Love those pants.

  2. Those pants looks great! I am wanting to lose weight, so I am holding off buying any new clothes.

  3. I love that handbag with the embroidery ! I am living in Florida at the moment, every day is pretty and like Summer and boring :)

  4. Oh , I went online last week and ordered things from Anthropology, and I forget the other one, it has been so long lol. I will hopefully like whatever it is I ordered :)

  5. Now those pants would look great with those sandals! You are a hip and happening gal! Me? Find anything for summer? No, and it's not for want of looking. I have actually been shopping lately, but I waited too long to shop for sandals.

  6. Great looking pants! I have a couple pairs of chinos that are so cool and comfy - I cuff the bottoms for a more summery look. And I'm enjoying wearing long floaty dresses. Those silver and black sandals are very pretty. Don't you hate it when you think about something long afterwards?

  7. You are so cute! Now I'm going to be stopping at Anthro tomorow to see if I can find those pants. '-)
    Love the photos!

  8. Dear Mary, I see a lot of black and white. Is that a trend in Italy right now? I'm planning my wardrobe for Italy in September. Will you share a few more fashion tips which work for you. I am determined to reduce the weight of my small roller bag even more. My bag weighed 22 pounds on our trip to Portugal in April. I'm going to try for even less for this upcoming trip. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

    1. Gina, I'll be in touch with you very soon regarding your question.
      Hugs, Mary -

  9. Love seeing the fashions. As soon as I saw those sandals I said to myself those are Mary style for sure. I would love the pants. Haven't purchased much this summer, but one soft A-line knit tunic in a soft grey stripe. It is one you can toss in the wash and not have to iron, but just put on and wear with a bit of a natural wrinkle to it.


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