Saturday, July 29, 2017

So many figs, and garden visitors. . . . . . . . . .

The large green bowl was overflowing after Bob gathered the ripe figs early
 yesterday afternoon.
He must have picked at least 4 pounds.
Thankfully he was done prior to torrential rain accompanied by scary thunder and
 lightning right overhead around 5 PM. Our power went out, and stayed out for about
 an hour apparently caused by downed trees.
Later I shared bowls of figs with two neighbors, one who stopped by to get them
 after the storm passed. We three sat on the front porch enjoying a drink and
 watching many birds at the feeder, while awaiting electricity so I could bake this
 for supper. . . . . . . 

 . . . . . . . caramelized onions, chopped Kalamata olives, sliced manchego cheese
 and the just-picked figs, layered on a flatbread crust and dusted with a
 touch of Sicilian dried oregano.

Enjoyed a slice of this along with a bowl of chilled cucumber gazpacho made earlier
 in the week - then frozen. First time trying that and have to say it worked perfectly,
 tasted fresh and of course was definitely well-chilled after thawing. I have frozen
 several bags of this summer soup and am glad to know it will be ready for more
 hot days ahead. . . . . . . . . without all the preparation. 

As for garden visitors, the birds still flock to the feeders and cardinals actually come 
in large groups, especially now the figs are ready for eating on the nearby tree - they
 love them!
I notice their colors are faded at this time of year compared to winter and spring. 
The male above is more orange than red now. . . . . . . and the female below also 
seems much paler.  

This is a young blue jay and his feathers are a paler blue than the adults.
 He's been coming to this birdbath early each morning for more than
 a week - just stands on the little rock looking out into the world, sipping a drink
 now and then. I can walk by and he stays there, sometimes for half an hour
 or so, not bothered by anything. Later in the day he returns - these pix I took in
 the afternoon - and stays a while, again drinking and cooling off.

Hope your weekend is special. . . . . . enjoy the magical moments, and may
they be abundant.


  1. That flatbread sounds wonderful! I love your bird pictures.

    1. Thanks Penny - know you are ready to get your lovely home finished and the garden prepared - the oven will be heating up and the bird feeders filled I just know!
      Can't wait to come visit when all is completed - love to you and K.
      Mary -

  2. Dear Mary, Has National Geographic contacted you? Mouthwatering photos.

    1. You are so kind to me Gina - in many ways. Nat. Geo. has so many really excellent photographers - but it would be fun to have just one pic published some day!
      Mary x

  3. You have such a sweet heart Mary. We could use some rain, but mostly, I miss my birdie friends as I had to quit feeding them because of the Norway rats. Feeding and watching the birds have always been such a joy in my life.

    1. . . . . . . and unfortunately a sweet tooth too, haha! Actually as I age I find I'm more thrilled by savory morsels than sweets and chocolate, however I admit to being a coffee ice cream lover on these hot days, and the scale is proving that lately! I'm trying to place the blame on prednisone which I've been on for a while due to a flare of the nasty polymyalgia rheumatica again, but I know I've been snacking far too much this hot summer too!

      Thank you Donna for your kind comment. I do love the birds in the garden and I'm hoping your darned rats will soon be gone and you can enjoy your pretty birds again.

      Mary -

  4. Other than losing your electricity for awhile, it looks like a lovely day. Delicious pizza, figs, and bird watching; how wonderful! Thinking I will make some gazpacho tomorrow as we are due for some very hot days by Wednesday. Yikes! The prediction is around 106 degrees. No fun when you don't have AC.

  5. I still have not tasted a fig. I know I've shared that with you. But this flatbread delicacy has me wishing for some of those fresh figs you have nearby! Do you have a recipe source or is it something you threw together?

    Love to you both,

    Jane x

    1. It's a recipe from my fig cookbook Jane - and yes, wish you were close by and I could give you your first fresh fig. . . . . . .and a bowl full to cook with. They taste a little a delicate strawberry - quite delicious fresh and of course wonderful in recipes.
      Mary -

  6. Absolutely delicious Mary and cooked in and out of power failure !!! ... and, the birds match your food ..... how's that for co-ordination !!! XXXX

  7. That fig flatbread looks absolutely divine! And with your chilled cucumber gazpacho...a meal like that is my idea of perfection.

  8. That fig flatbread looks amazing! I picked one fig from our tree today, and I'm hoping for more soon. The cucumber gazpacho that can be frozen is a great idea! Wonderful bird visitors to your garden.

  9. your neighbours must LOVE you being theirs! I would gladly swap mine across the road for you but I don't think they would enjoy the toxis fumes all day long. ha.


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