Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunnies, sunshine, summer cooking, Spanish summer wines. . . . . . . .

Saturday already! 
I've had a really busy week and am behind in many things. But I haven't been
 basking in the sun wearing new 'sunnies' (I love how Australians call sunglasses
 by that name). . . . . . . . . . . . 

via Zara

. . . . . . . .or lazing on a beach under clear blue skies with my hair held
back by a new velvet turban headband (I'm actually growing my hair a bit and 
one of these might useful).

More sunnies. . . . . . . .but I've been in the kitchen where I only need my
 magnifying readers which I now purchase in a 3-pack - and I really like the
 Costco version. Somehow though they all end up in the same room - and it's
 never the room where I need a pair!

Yes, said I wouldn't make any this year!  Again I was talked into a small batch 
as just when I thought that really severe Spring frost had damaged the trees
 and the figs would suffer, they are awesome and just keep coming. . . . . .  into
 the kitchen via my fig-picking husband! Sharing fresh figs with neighbors,
 friends and of course birds and squirrels - plenty for all.
This year's jam is so good - I added strawberries
 and really like the flavor.

Cutting off fresher than fresh summer corn and cooking up a pot
 of the best Corn Chowder ever. . . . . .thanks to Barbara Kafka's recipe 
in her great cookbook SOUP.

Lastly, drinking good rosé wine is part of Summertime refreshment around
 here in our hot, humid southeast climate. My favorite is always dry but there are
 many for those who prefer sweet wines. I still think Spain produces some of the
 best rosé and these are two I have found to be reasonably priced, available locally
 and good. There's a huge selection of rosé this year from France, California, 
Argentina, and Spain.
 I contacted my brother in the south of France to see what they are drinking and
 he recommended the Garnacha (Grenache) from an area of Spain not far from
 his home. They are fruity with notes of ripe strawberry, orange, hibiscus, and
 sometimes a hint of allspice. Often with more color than the palest pink rosés
 from Provençe etc., they have moderate acidity and must be served well-chilled
 to keep them zesty.

Have a great weekend.

Edited: Aug. 16, 2017
Both of these wines have been tried over the past week and I just wanted to say the LAGRANJA far surpasses the ORONTA for my taste buds!  It's a beautiful color and has much more flavor, dry but fruity. The other one is more mineral tasting. Just a heads up!


  1. The jam sounds good! We usually drink French rose, and like it dry. But now I am going to look into the ones from Spain!

  2. Oh for a fig tree! Once again, this year I will be canvassing friends and neighbours in my search for fresh figa. They are so frustrating hard to find I the grocery stores.
    The wines sound very refreshing.

  3. Love those "sunnies" and head band. The jam sounds delicious. I am leaving for California on Tuesday and have a feeling my figs will be ripe while I am away or maybe right when I get back. Mixed with strawberries sounds like a plan. Though I don't drink wine, I do believe rose would be my choice if I did. That fruity one from Spain sounds yummy. Maybe I need to try it.

  4. After your last fig post I asked my husband to go find some in the old market as I hadn't seen any at the grocery store. I definitely prefer dry wines, nothing sweet. Happy Sunday!

  5. Dear Mary, I used to wear turban headbands. When you find a good one would you please share.
    Your fig and strawberry jam looks delicious... an interesting combination.

  6. Your strawberry fig jam looks and sounds delicious. The soup also looks wonderful.
    Would you believe I tried Rose for the first time this summer? I am going to make note of your selections. It is a refreshing wine on these hot days and I also think the color is lovely.

  7. That jam sounds fabulous!! That chowder also looks so yummy!! I all of a sudden love flamingos! So that wine label is right up my alley!!


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