Thursday, September 7, 2017

District of Columbia potpourri. . . . . . . . .

The Washington Monument 

We only had one day in the District itself when visiting Washington and its
environs this past weekend. That was a dreary grey day with a steady rain
and heavy cloud cover so sightseeing was minimal.
Any photos snapped were with the iPhone from the car - not that great,
but somewhat interesting.

Looking up 14th Street 
When I first arrived in Washington D.C. so long ago in 1962,
I lived at 14th & L Streets NW, a little further up from here. It was my first 
taste of big city living and so very new to me coming from a small English
seaside town. . . . . . 

. . . . . . . and later I moved to this 1927 apartment building on New Hampshire Ave. NW,
into a small studio apartment on the top floor marked by the arrow. 
I loved the exterior art deco architecture. The entire interior had been
 renovated just prior to my moving in and all apartments were new. Since then
 they've been even more modernized and updated, and when I looked
 online to find what these apartments rent for now I almost fell off my chair 
when I saw close to $2,000 a month for a small studio. My rent, which
 included all utilities, was $100.00 monthly - unbelievable how times and
 prices have changed.

After driving around the city to view places which always bring back
 memories from the time when we lived there, we stopped at Paul's French
 cafe for an afternoon snack - best almond croissant and excellent
 coffee - much enjoyed on such a murky late Summer day.
Remainder of our time was spent across the Potomac River in
 Northern Virginia, eating at a couple of favorite restaurants, visiting relatives,
 shopping at IKEA and ZARA, two stores we are still awaiting in our area
 of North Carolina.

We headed home on Monday in brilliant sunshine - taking our time and
just enjoying being on the road, and traffic not heavy.
Like I said - nothing better than a good road trip to get rid of the 
cobwebs. . . . . . . and, if Hurricane Irma comes our way next week, we 
may be forced to take another one. I really hope not though!


  1. I hope you won't HAVE to take another road trip because of the hurricane, but that it leaves you well alone!
    Sounds like you had a good time, in spite of the not-so-good weather. A walk down memory lane, it seems!

  2. That snack looks so good! MY 3 sisters that live in S. Florida, left yesterday to come here. We all hope it stays away from NC.

  3. Mary, would you have lived in Washington, D.C. in February of 1962? I was visiting the city with my family while on winter vacation. Fun to think we could have been in the city at the same time. It must have been pretty heady for a young woman on her own. It is a beautiful city.

    I hope that Irma takes a sharp turn to the east and fizzles out with Juan right behind her. So much stress for so many.

    1. No Vee, didn't arrive until October '62, a week prior to my 19th Birthday! I still have a hard time believing I actually left home (and I had a lovely home and wonderful family) and moved to a new country at such a young age! Guess it was the start of my 'wanderlust' plus I just wanted to be able to make more money - British salaries were so pathetic in the sixties - and of course it was just supposed to be for a year, not a lifetime! Bob is to blame, haha!

  4. Sorry to be bit of a wet blanket, Mary, but I think you should be staying home and guarding your little castle now. I see the weather forecast is indicating some uncomfortable weather ahead. Get some tinned food for the pantry. Make some soup and freeze it, hoping you do not lose electricity. Make sure there are no loose objects in the garden that could become missiles in strong winds. I know I am a nag, but sometimes I feel that I need to protect my early morning ritual of reading your blog. You are the victim of your blogging success. Take care.

    1. Louise it's so hard to prepare for these often catastrophic weather happenings when there's no way to know just which way a hurricane will turn! Now we have three heading toward the US (Irma, Jose and Katia) so who knows which one might pay the southeast a visit, and all this following the horrendous Harvey who hit south Texas so recently causing huge loss and damage.

      We purchased a case of bottled water yesterday and have propane for the outdoor grill in case we lose power - we can heat things on that. Our major fear are trees falling again - we have so many huge old ones around the cottage - our neighbors do too.
      Glad to know you are keeping a check on me dear - I always enjoy a comment from Darwin!
      Hugs - Mary

  5. I hope the hurricane doesn't come your way. It sounds like a very destructive one. How fun to take a short get-away and then travel down memory lane. Love Paul's! Yummmmm!

  6. I enjoyed your rainy day glimpses of D.C. Sitting in a cozy coffee shop enjoying an almond croissant would be a delightful way to spend time when the outside isn't so pleasant. I do hope Irma doesn't hit your area - such a massive storm that has affected so many lives already.

  7. Mary, it must be heartwarming to go back to your city full of memories. I had my first apartment in the late 60s, and even though it was in Austin, not the big city of DC, it was a big step for a small town girl. Apartments were furnished, all bills paid, for less than $300 a month. Of course my salary as a beginning teacher was meager.
    Take care, dear friend. Thinking of you and all the others in harm's way.

  8. PS ~ Did you get to stop in to say hi to Loi?

    1. Sadly no - actually thought he was still in Maine. Our one day in D.C. was miserably wet and we didn't even drive that far out to where his shop is. Hopefully will catch him next time - he is so special.
      Mary -

  9. I so loved seeing where you used to live. how charming but yes, not surprised it's way more now. You would be stunned how much we pay for rent along for an 840 sq/ft bungalow! Prices here are astronomical, but hey, better than London!

    I've never been to DC. Would love to do that one day...ideally in the Spring when the blossoming cherry trees are out in bloom.


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