Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Fashions - adding color for cool days ahead . . . . . . .

I've never been a great lover of pink shades - for me and my clothes - but I really 
love this long magenta cardigan sweater in mohair.
It does dress up a pair of basic blue jeans (an article of clothing of which I've yet to
 find the perfect pair), and is perfect over this pretty print mimicking floral embroidery
 which is popular this season.

Fall dresses are pretty this season, and actually some look really comfortable to wear. 
This pink and gold print is beautiful on black.

You may have noticed how oversized sweaters continue to be popular. I have several
 from last Fall/Winter - being tall I can wear them. Many are being shown with light, 
sheer but lined, skirts rather than a trouser or skinny pant. This merlot shade is 
lovely in chenille.

Oh my, then there is this coat!
I would adore to have it in my wardrobe.
I can definitely picture myself wearing it to the theatre, perhaps over 
that dress above, and to Holiday parties on chilly December nights.
It looks rich and radiant in this beautiful shade of wine. . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . could it perhaps be an early Birthday present, hint, hint!
I did not see it in the ZARA shop I visited in Viriginia last week so
 think it must have just arrived.

ZARA - Autumn 2017 Collection


  1. I love every garment...i think the coat would be perfect for you and your lifestyle.

    Have you tried J. Jill, or Coldwater Creek for jeans?

    Thinking of you both and I hope you had a great trip to Maryland.

    Jne xxx

    1. Jane I'm considering trying J.Jill's jeans - I've bought many clothes over the years from them and been mostly very happy - some in my wardrobe I've had a really long time and still enjoy wearing them! I refuse to even go near those ridiculously priced 'designer jeans' - even a famous brand made right here in town - I would never fork out $200+ for jeans of any description. Just want a nice basic pair that stay up when I bend over, and not skin tight!
      Hope all is well dear.
      Hugs - Mary

  2. These are some lovely and wearable items. Velvet seems to be very popular. That coat is stunning and looks so cozy.

  3. Haha, Mary, I was going to say, "Wow, don;t you look fabulous!" I love that last one--sort of cloak a vampire. Very Christmassy indeed. :) Really.

  4. Merlot does seem to be the color this Fall. Very beautiful! I have seen pictures of merlot shoes too. Lovely new fashions. I always love your fashion posts.

  5. Fabulous is again what came to mind when I saw these adn then I thought, double fabulous as I have finally caught up with every post of yours since last time I was here (outside of Scribble Picnic). Only too me about 2 hours this time. :)

  6. I know I've posted lots as the computer keeps having me verify I am not spam with all these pics to click on , twice each time.. for the last 10 posts or so! lol.


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