Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Scribble Picnic . . . . . . . . BOO!

This week's theme for Scribble Picnic is BOO!

A little help from PicMonkey and my colored pencils enabled me
 to come up with a fun version of Halloween night when a favorite
 word will definitely be BOO!

I no longer do a lot of outdoor Halloween decor - remember I'm trying to
 scale back on stuff which requires storage.
So this year, mostly real pumpkins and candles tucked safely inside lanterns
 so the little Trick or Treaters can see their way up the front steps for their
 candy treats on Halloween night next week.
Stop by Michael's SCRIBBLE PICNIC today - I just know there will
 be some scary looking art from our talented group.


  1. Mary that's so cool!!! :))) I LOVE the haunted house especially!! Boo! :)

  2. Your piece is delightful Mary well done! Happy Halloween when it comes. I don’t carve my pumpkin anymore just paint a face!

  3. Great effort indeed and came out looking great. Greetings to you.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your take on the theme, Mary...great job! Only a minority celebrate Halloween here but I still buy treats as, sometimes, we do get the occasional Trick-or-Treaters at our door.

  5. Did you put a plastic spider on this piece? Look like it. Boo collection for sure here and like you, Mary, we don;t have any, actually, halloween decor as am not terribly into it even though we will dress up ourselves and cosplay (look word up). I just love to be creative and act and at our ages, this time of year is one of the few times we can do so. This last weekend we were Pierrots, having made our own outfits for downtown and came in third in our town! Wow.

    Oh, adn btw, we did actualyl have pumpkins outside for the season but those pesky squirrels burrowed their way through them, leaving large disgusting holes so there they do. I do, however, have a bigger pumpkin and am hoping to carve it the night before halloween..,something I have never even done before! lol.

    Thank so much. You totally surprised me on this entry btw as I was sure you were going to colour in some photo from one of your trips of Transylvania or such! :)

  6. Yikes! I can't imagine a spider web bigger than the house. Boo is right! Love your header too. Is that last pumpkin on the right painted or carved?

  7. This is adorable...I think it would make a great tee shirt.

  8. Oh Boo ... you got me with the Spider. You could have stopped there and sent shivers up my spine, but then the Dracula house and the bats ... just perfect for a scary Boo picture. Happy Halloween, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Oh love that - it looks like it should be in a window, with the moonlight shining through. Happy weekend my friend. We have sunshine!!!!! And 40 degrees.


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