Monday, November 13, 2017

Yes, there are angels. . . . . . . . in New Orleans

On our early morning bus tour of the city of New Orleans, we stopped at
 the Saint Louis Cemetery #3 (there are three cemeteries). Most of the
 graves are above-ground vaults built in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The cemetery was heavily flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
 in 2005 however most of its tombs escaped relatively unscathed.
Perhaps the beautiful angels on high were watching out for them.

On a sunny morning, before the heat of the day set in, this was a stop
 before heading for the typical local breakfast of excellent beignets and
 cafe au lait at the nearby historic Morning Call Cafe in City Park.

The angels of New Orleans were glorious.


  1. The statues are beautiful! I have a "thing" for cemeteries and have never found them spooky or scary. My Mum would love this one, she has a "thing" for angels - her maiden name is Engel, which means angel in German.
    Maybe you would like to read my Mum's guest post from 2012 about angels; it is here.

  2. Beautiful Mary - I love stone angels, it is good that this beautiful cemetery escaped Hurrican Katrina's wrath.
    I think that I read somewhere that beignets were introduced to New Orleans by the Acadians - are they similar to a doughnut?

  3. My husband used to tease me about my appreciation for a good cemetery ..the stone work is often that of master craftsmen who have done more famous things. Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is one, walled in .. in the heart of a busy neighborhood .. but it just blends right in .. part of the city.

  4. They look so beautiful Mary. Your breakfast sounded great!

  5. How beautiful this cemetery is...your photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I love the stone angels and the texture of the stone. What a beautiful place.

  7. Dear Mary, One would think that your photos were taken somewhere in Europe. The stone statues and structures look much older than they really are.
    All beautiful photos but the first shot is my favorite.

  8. And they are indeed glorious! What beautiful pictures of the angels of New Orleans. It sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  9. Beautiful Mary, the angels are indeed glorious. New Orleans is so lovely; we went there nearly twenty years ago and I still remember those unusual above-ground tombs in the cemetery. Lovely to remember.

  10. I thought you were in Rome for a minute Mary !!!! Beautiful and lovely photographs. XXXX

  11. Those stone angels really are stunning! I love sculpture like that.


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