Saturday, January 13, 2018

Keeping the winter garden lively. . . . . . . . . . .

It's a lovely Saturday here - cool of course but not cold. Sun is shining
and the birds are busy making the garden a bright and lively place.
Just want to share these photos of some of the visitors this past week.

~ Carolina Wren ~

~ Chickadee ~

~ Mockingbird ~

~ Cardinal ~

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. Best wishes for a lovely 2018! Beautiful pictures of the birds too...
    Love from Titti

  2. I think I and the birds can handle the winter as long as there is sunshine. After I fed the birds today I looked back outside and the wild ducks had come up the yard and were eating it all.

  3. Such beautiful close-ups. I love watching the birds, but this winter has been particularly harsh here.

  4. Your birds looks so fluffy, chubby, and lovely. I think they are enjoying your garden immensely! Do you take the pictures through your window? Even through our window they fly away if they see movement.

  5. Your photographs are amazing Mary ... and, you get so many beautiful winter visitors to your garden. Enjoy their visits ... Spring is just around the corner. XXXX

  6. Oh Mary....BEAUTIFUL shots. Seeing those just made me smile and made me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dear Mary, what a stunning variety of visitors you have to your garden. They are all so beautiful. Your photos make me sigh with delight.

  8. I can hardly wait to receive your emails. Have traveled many of your same journeys but mine are not well documented any longer . I can travel vicariously and happily through you.
    Thank you for adding me to your list.
    Judy Truex Reed


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