Saturday, February 10, 2018

A wet February Saturday. . . . . . . . .

A really dreary February morning, fog early and now rain falling and a 
miserable wet weather forecast for the coming several days.
I have never been a great fan of the month of February with fluctuating 
temperatures breeding germs and bringing colds, 'flu etc.
The garden looks at its worst this month - the dust in the house seems to 
never go due to the fireplace - thoughts of welcoming Spring are starting.

Taken this morning from the dining room window.

By now I'm sure you know this tiny wren is my favorite garden bird.  
Here in North Carolina this extremely chatty, boisterous songster, is not
 an annual migrant, tending to remain resident in its own territory. 
Here, it is in my garden, and on the front porch where a family has raised young
 for many a year in springtime. They spend cold nights tucked into my
 dying hanging Boston ferns which, although not pretty, remain up all winter to
 provide shelter, and sometimes they just tuck themselves into the high corners
 of the porch to shelter from the wind. 
They come to the feeders for seeds and suet when their natural source of food, 
spiders and insects, quickly vanish as the weather turns cold. . . . . . . 

. . . . .and here you can see my 'breakfast offerings' along the porch rail today, 
awaiting any and all birds who need food and a little shelter from the rain.

Our street is covered with now soggy, packed leaves, the city is way 
behind with pick up.
The tiny bird with the big voice.
Did I tell you I love my birds? 

"Amid the leafless thorn the merry Wren,
When icicles hang dripping from the rock,
Pipes her perennial lay; 
Even when the flakes
Broad on her pinions fall,
She lightly flies
Athwart the shower
   and sings upon the wing."
. . . . . . . . James Graham

P.S.  Many, many thanks for all your good wishes regarding my Wednesday hospital visit due to a kidney stone! 
 I'm doing OK, no pain now, but haven't caught the stone yet!


  1. We have rain here too. It is suppose to clear up on Monday. We have been house whispering, making this new house our home, one little project at a time. February is my least favorite month as well. Hugs.

  2. Lovely garden spot. Love your sweet little bird! Such a great photo. So happy you are no longer in pain!

  3. Always love your feathered friends which def make Feb better, Mary.

    So glad your kidney stone issue is better now. That is certainly a fear of mine having to contend with such pain! Poor you.

  4. I always love, love your bird pictures. I love watching them, but haven't been able to get as close. Hoping your stone passes soon.

  5. From a fellow bird lover, I do so enjoy your pictures, the birds, and the glimpses of your garden. Hi to the gorgeous wren, and the cute red cardinal too.

  6. A beautiful post, Mary, enjoy your little wren and his happy song a lovely diversion from the inclement weather. I was shocked to hear about your midweek medical emergency, I hope your stone makes an appearance and you start to feel better soon.


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