Wednesday, April 18, 2018

After the storm. . . . . .the garden this week -

We arrived home from a weekend out of town and found the garden
sparkling with color. That night terrible storms passed 
through the area and I feared waking to azaleas and such beaten down,
their lovely blooms blown away or scattered across the ground in the wake 
of the high winds and several hours of torrential rain.

Monday was clean up day, mostly small branches, twigs and debris from
where the water had swirled through the garden. Flowers looked somewhat
 battered but not broken and by yesterday, with brilliant sunshine and a Spring
 breeze, everything perked up and we enjoyed afternoon coffee on the front porch
 with a friend who was kind enough to say how lovely the garden was looking.

George Taber - my favorite azaleas.
Spanish bluebells beneath the fig tree.

Bluebells and Solomon's Seal.

Hickory tree catkins awaiting wind pollination.

Hoping lovely plants are beginning to bloom in your Spring garden.


  1. Your gardens are beautiful Mary! It will take us several years to have our gardens looking that beautiful!

  2. How gorgeous! Glad the storm didn't do damage to your beautiful plants.

  3. Our azaleas this year were absolutely splendid, just like yours. Houston is now in full bloom everywhere, and our temps are in the 50's to 80's, so it's not hot yet. Once the heat sets in we will all stay inside anyway !! xx's

  4. Looking terrific! Your neighbor is kind and honest!

  5. Your garden is looking so pretty Mary - it makes such a difference when the sun shines brightly and the flowers open up there faces again.

  6. Wow! Spring has indeed sprung in your area. Those azaleas are magnificent. Just this morning I was thinking how wonderful it's going to be to have my coffee out on the front porch or patio once again. It is 33 degrees here and sleeting, with 1-3" of snow on the way. However, next week looks more promising with temps in the 50s and low 60s.


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