Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Garden in April. . . . . . . .and tulips

Several people have asked where I bought my tulips for this season. 
Third year in a row I purchased from Costco, picked them up
 early fall when they first arrived in-store, they go fast!
 Again I'm very pleased with them. Pricing was much
lower than ordering from the big bulb catalogs which,
to be fair, I always had great results and gorgeous tulips,
 but the prices were so much higher. Here in our zone 7b,
 tulips usually only bloom one year due to the hot/humid, 
long Summer, any reblooming ones are puny and hardly
 noticeable in the garden so I felt like I was throwing my
 money away buying costly mail-order bulbs.

I plant all my tulip bulbs in large pots in November, 
over-planting with pansies and violas. I keep fingers 
crossed that the squirrels won't dig them up for supper!

My daffodils/narcissus go directly into the garden, critters
 apparently don't like the taste of those bulbs, so they are able
 to grow safely and naturalize, producing more and more clumps 
of flowers year after year.

Shirley Double & Double Negrita 
Purple Lady

Note the pollen on the pansies.



  1. Lovely colours and shapes! But then of course that is true for all flowers, not just for tulips.
    Yellow is my favourite colour, and for my 50th birthday, my Dad gave me 50 yellow tulips!! It wasn't easy to find a vase for them to fit in, but they looked GREAT for a long time as I kept replenishing the vase with fresh water.

  2. What a stunning collection of blooms and colours.

  3. Wondered why my tulips didn't come back. Sam's Club usually only has red, orange and yellow ones. Those are much prettier. I had to fight the squirrels over mine and in the country, the deer.

  4. Your tulips are beautiful! I planted some already growing tulips and hyacinths in my yard on Easter Sunday. I hope they grow again next year. We are in a different zone than you.

  5. We don't have as much luck with tulips either, but some do come up if the squirrels missed them. I will definitely be watching at Costco. Thanks for the tip. Yours are beautiful!

  6. Your tulips are lovely. I've never tried growing them as I think they may be too delicate for our long, hot summers. I also did not know that squirrels dig up bulbs to eat. What cheeky little things. They are cute though.

  7. Gorgeously rich colours in your tulips. I'm going to try your trick of pots next fall, with pansies planted atop. Perhaps that will foil the squirrels. I have a few tulips coming up in the garden, but not as many as I planted.

  8. Dear Mary, These tulips are all so beautiful. There have been times when I have been lucky and were able to select special tulips when they first arrived at Costco.


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