Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nesting. . . . . .

One of our new hanging Boston ferns has already become a home.
I didn't even have time to put the FOR RENT sign up!
Sweet mama-to-be!

Don't even ask how long I had to sit without moving/breathing at the dining room
 window to get this shot. The slightest move near the window and she flies out 
of the fern and takes a while to come back.
This rather plain little bird has moved onto the front porch. . . . . . . . and is 
laying her eggs.

Tuesday - April 17, 2018
Wednesday - April 18, 2018
The guests - Mr. & Mrs. House Finch - on our front feeder.

Finches lay 2-6 eggs - I'll keep you updated if more appear!


  1. Hurrah! Finally I got a webpage from where I can actually take
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  2. The eggs are like a jewel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How wonderful !!! I so appreciate your sharing this with us. Not often anymore that people take the time to notice nature, which surrounds us all. Beautiful !

  4. So sweet! We had robins nesting in a hanging plant a few years ago and I loved watching the mama robin sitting on her eggs, then the eggs hatching, then the babies growing up and finally flying away. It was an incredible process.

  5. She looks too little to lay such a big egg. That must be exhausting. Your front porch has definitely become a welcoming place for these little birds. Enjoy your visitors!!!

  6. Really! How does she lay those enormous eggs. 🙃 You are going to have such a fun time watching the Finch Family.

    1. Vee, they probably look huge in the photos but are quite small. Nature never ceases to amaze!

      Mary -

  7. Beautiful photos!! Bird and birdnests (eggs) are some of my favorites!!


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