Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Not a cheerful Monday outside . . . . . . . . .

Heavy rain for the entire day along with boisterous, gusting high winds this morning.
Twigs, catkins, even small branches showering down on the roof. . . . . . . . . and
 with our big old trees I get nervous in storms such as this!
I'm sure many of the now full blooming azaleas and 'snowballs' will take a beating.

 I've started a small vegetable plot. On Sunday, my neighbor was kind enough to
 till up this old bed where we grew tomatoes for several years - but haven't used
 for the past few summers. The soil seems great and looks healthy - a few
 tomato plants, perhaps a couple of peppers and an eggplant should do well.

The potting shed is so useful and often hides surprises!

On our recent trip to see friends in the Charlotte, NC area, we found this 
birdhouse to replace the very old one now falling apart on the post in the 
front garden. We've had a new post put in but won't exchange the houses
until the current nesting 'homeowners' have moved out with their 
offspring. Love this one because the whole roof can be lifted off and the 
six compartments are attached so can be cleaned out easily at the end
 of each nesting season. The bright copper roof - covered for transport
 to prevent fingerprints - will eventually weather to a lovely patinaed green.

. . . . . and last, but by no means least, let me introduce Gruff.

This cutie pie came over with my neighbor, and whilst tiling the garden bed we
 became good friends. Gruff was here for the weekend whilst his very lucky owners
 were away, and I just have to say he is the friendliest, best behaved, obedient little
 dog I've ever met. I fell for him big time, did a little photo shoot, and am trying to
find out what breed - or perhaps mix - this lovely boy is. 
Anyone have an idea? He's 8 years old, never barked, did as he was told 
with just a few words, and loved to cuddle.

Hopefully my neighbor will mind Gruff more often so I can spend
more time with him!

So what to do on such a bad weather day?
I have plans. . . . . . . so must away.

Have a good week dear readers. . . . . . and tomorrow I think Scribble Picnic
 will be back so please stop by here again - the theme is Quilt(s).


  1. We have had rain the past two days but it is tapering off now. How exciting you are going to have a veggie garden again! Gruff is adorable.

  2. Gruff is adorable. He looks very friendly. I wish it would storm or rain here. It's already warm and we've had weeks of southerly winds which bring the fine Sahara sand with them. Not fun, you can't keep anything clean.

  3. He doesn’t look gruff. I think neighbor’s dogs are great, even better than one’s own. How fun to be planting tomatos and peppers...very yummy, too, and long before September as it would be here.

  4. Nice to meet you, Gruff! You're quite a good-looking fellow!

  5. What a beautiful birdhouse you found. I do love the green of weathered copper. Gruff is a cute dog, and it sounds like he doesn't really live up to his name, which is a good thing!

  6. Gruff looks like a Silky Terrier. I'm not a dog person, so I could be wrong.

  7. Gruff looks like a very sweet dog whatever his variety. Love the new birdhouse. How I wish I have an established snowball tree. I think we have a fairly new one, I must go check and see how it is doing. Have fun with the veggie garden.

  8. Nifty birdhouse and a sweet dog - so nice to make good friends with a dog. Hope your lovely bushes survived the storm. My snowball bush is just bow beginning to get leaves. Spring is coming - I hope.


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