Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Scribble Picnic ~~~ Watering Can

I recently cleared out my quite large collection of vintage grey and green
 galvanized watering cans and gave them away - now wish I had them all
 to use for today's theme!
Right now, everything in the garden and everywhere, is dusted with
 greenish yellow as the pollen season has hit hard this week. 
Sneezing, blowing, coughing. . . . . .everyone seems to be doing it!

Anyway, downsizing all around these days, in the house and in the garden, 
gotta get rid of clutter, you know what I mean I'm sure, and then a good 
Spring Clean will be needed when the pollen is over.

Head over to Michael's to see what our group has come up with - and 
we'd love to have you to join the 

Photo of watering can, edited to a sketch, with a little water colored added.


  1. So glad you are back. I do love watering cans, and wish I had more room. I would be collecting them.

    Your illustrations are so lovely and vintage.

  2. That's a very pretty piece Mary. I love those old vintage cans! OOOh...pollen season...bless you! ;) It hasn't hit us yet, that'll be June I think. Decluttering, yes, it's therapeutic and very much needed. We are going to be majorly downsizing next year when we move. Whatever doesn't fit in one U-Haul truckload doesn't grace our new abode! :)

  3. Your art photo is quite attractive.
    I have good luck with a drop of Bach Flower Rescue remedy in my mouth to stop sneezing and itchy eyes if hit. Sometimes I have to do another drop 20 min. later.... it is not advertised for that, but how nice to use a homeopathic remedy.

  4. Galvanized garden pots are so picturesque and you've done a great job with yours!

  5. Oh, I would have loved to see your collection of old watering cans. They must have been hard to give up. I love the picture you've created though. Great work.

  6. I do love galvanised watering cans. I had one that was hand-painted with a folk art design but unfortunately, I had to let it go when I went through a major decluttering phase. Funny because I also wished I had kept it after seeing the prompt for this week. haha Nice job on the sketch/photo, Mary!

    I'm glad I don't suffer with hay-fever but I know of several people who have a terrible time of it.

    I must check back on your posts to see how your trip went now that I'm feeling a little more active.

    Have a lovely week, Mary xx

  7. I sure do know what you mean about downsizing ... I am in the process myself and it seems endless. I have but one green watering can left and we are coming out of winter as well, but, believe it or not, we got snow yesterday and they are predicting more for the weekend ... so much for spring. It will be awhile before the real watering cans come out :) Have a great week, Mary ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. I so love that beautiful can and can only imagine what the others must have been like. Wonderful addition to our watering can collection for the picnic this week, Mary. Adn yes, jsut how contrary are you then? :)
    BTW, I'm not sure there are many who could even speak of a "quite large collection of vintage grey and green galvanized watering cans." Talk about specific. :)
    Thank you sooo much. Always enjoying your entries here whilst too, knowing I need to make time to come visit you a little longer to catch up on your other posts!

  9. Declutter, seems to be all I ever do than I turn around and haul things back in for all my interests. Your water can is so great, the shading and all lines are so perfectly similar to the photo. Can't wait to see other posts.

  10. We have and use a couple of similar watering cans. Thanks for sharing yours!

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