Thursday, May 17, 2018

Enjoying the Secret Garden. . . . . . . .

We've worked very hard on the back garden these past couple of 
weeks. . . . . at last we feel it's looking good for the coming Summer
 months and we hope to spend time outside relaxing, watching Nature, 
eating, drinking etc. with family, friends and neighbors.
Our front porch and garden area are looking good too. . . . . . . . 
there's only one major problem, especially for me, the mosquitoes!!!!
Trees, shrubs, plants, all encourage Nature's creatures to the garden,
and tiny biting creepy crawlers and stinging winged ones are unforgiving. 

American Robin drying off

Female Cardinal - she has a nest with babies nearby!

BUT. . . . . . . and I know many people will not perhaps agree, MJoe showed
 up Monday to treat our garden and hopefully make it possible for me to at last
 enjoy it in the Summer months! I've seen the signs in front of many homes in our
 area over the past few years. We are an older neighborhood with many trees
 and thick, mature shrubbery, even small creeks running through many gardens
 and a couple of ponds, so mosquitoes and ticks abound. Apparently they use
 a natural compound which does not harm birds and bees. No contract is
required, and we can stop the monthly treatment at any time. 
I am deathly allergic to mosquitoes and I swear every one within 1/2 mile
 finds me, even when smothered in smelly, sticky repellent. Each bite swells
 into a huge raised lump, like a hive, with terrible itching, and I scratch constantly
 for many days - I am not a pretty sight, or a fun person to be with.
 Enough said!


  1. WE have done this before too and it is worth it. Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. Well, if the choice it between you and them (the mozzies), I'd always choose you - and can't blame you for calling in professional help! I am usually fine with repellent, and funnily enough, getting older for me means getting less insect bites and stings - must be something in the change of hormonal composition that influences how "interesting" I smell to them :-)
    As long as there is still enough wildlife left and the birds are not robbed entirely of their natural food source, I think it is OK to have your garden treated.

  3. Dear Mary - hope that you can spend time in the garden because it looks a beautiful place to be, and of course remain lump free. How does Mosquito Joe work, I have never heard of it before. The only vans that come around here are Green Thumb, and they make a lawns weed, and moss free, and fertilise them so that they are a wonderful emerald green.

  4. I don't blame you one bit for getting the mosquito service! I believe I've commented previously on your blog that we started doing this last year (getting a mosquito service) and it was so wonderful to enjoy our yard and patio for a change, that we never looked back. Here we've lived here for 28 years and have never been able to truly enjoy our yard from April - October because of mosquitoes. And we had tried every natural trick and remedy in the book, to no avail. And like you said, the spray they use now doesn't interfere with wildlife, so it's a win-win. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

  5. A mosquito service sounds like the perfect solution for you, Mary. We are fortunate in that there are few, if any mosquitoes here and we can sit out in the evenings without that annoying buzzing. I enjoyed seeing the art you've included in your garden - the pots and metalwork pieces. We are slowly adding to our collection of garden art, as well. I hope you get to enjoy your beautiful garden without fear of those bites and nasty reactions.


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