Friday, May 11, 2018

New Dawn . . . . . . . and appendicitis!

It's a new day - it's a NEW DAWN. . . . . . rosethat is. 
They are in full bloom right now, delicate in their pale pink ballerina-like skirts.

Enjoying the garden - this is really the best time of year for color. . . . . . . and of
 course weather, for the southeast garden. We are reveling in the beauty.

However - I've been very busy helping my granddaughter Jasmin (21) since
 Wednesday morning when she called needing assistance. 

Severe pain took her to the doctor, followed by a CT scan at the radiologist,
(where she had a mild allergic reaction to the contrast dye, which held us up longer),
 and then off to the Emergency Room at the hospital where appendicitis was
 confirmed and she was admitted. Appendectomy surgery was done at 7:30 pm 
 and she stayed in the hospital overnight. I brought her here yesterday morning
 after being discharged. She's doing well but won't be able to drive, work, lift
 heavy items etc. for a while. 
Please think of Jasmin and wish her well - many of you
know how precious she is to our family. 


  1. At 21, she'll be up dancing in a flash. Glad you were there to help. Such a sweet Grandmother you are. That pink rose is the most beautiful rose I have ever seen. I can't grow them due to blackspot and love the old roses best.

    1. They are a climber and we have no black spot on them. Don’t water at night when they won’t dry off. Yes, the old roses are beautiful and have much more fragrance.

  2. How good that it was caught quickly. She will need a bit of TLC when she comes out of hospital, i'm sure.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Jasmin. I know she's in good hands now with your care. Blessings to both of you.

  4. Jasmin is in very good hands now - the best! - and will make a speedy and full recovery, I am sure.
    Wonderful roses!

  5. Prayers for healing for Jasmin, with your tender care she will be fine, and I must say the rose is a beautiful subtle color.

  6. It's good that the appendicitis was quickly detected and taken care of. She will recover well with your care, Mary, and I send good wishes and a prayer for her recovery. Your rose is so pretty in that delicate shade of pink.

    1. Yes could have ruptured which is often life threatening - sepsis etc. She’s doing well but still in pain - 3 small incisions. Drove her home today - stopped at store for some groceries as she cannot get out and drive until perhaps mid-week.
      Thank you and everyone for your lovely comments. 😍

  7. Oh my! Sending quick healing vibes her way! New Dawn is my favorite rose.

  8. Oh that poor girl...wishing her a speedy and pain-free recovery!! Your garden is so beautiful Mary, hope all is well! :)

  9. The latest regarding appendicitis is a non-invasive procedure, but even the classic surgery is highly successful, and your granddaughter will recover in no time.
    Your roses are breath-taking!

  10. Ouch! Sending prayers for Jasmin's quick recovery. That ordeal is no fun - for either of you! Grandmas always make one feel loved, safe, and happy; a perfect cocoon for wellness.

  11. OH my! Yes! I do send best wishes for a quick recovery. So happy she has you to call.
    That soft pink rose is stunning. How I love it so. Our roses are just beginning, but can't wait for them to be in full bloom. Very soon.

  12. I know what pleasure roses give a gardener, I was always thrilled when they bloomed so beautifully. And,thank goodness, you were right there for Jasmin! And,thank goodness, the surgery is so much easier than it used to be.She's young and will recover rapidly. But, I know she had a lot of pain. xx's

  13. Wishing Jasmin well! It must have been a bad case as in my corner appendectomies are rare. They just send the afflicted home with antibiotics. In any case, may she rebound quickly.


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