Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Puttering, painting and potting shed. . . . . . .

I love my potting shed, known as Jasmin Cottage.
I spend a lot of time out there.
It just doesn't seem possible the shed was built 18 years ago.
I recall when, after the builder left, I whipped out paint and brushes
and got to work painting and decorating the outside in shades of garden
green with purple shutters, and later inside, down on my then younger knees
 stenciling a bordered floor mat with trailing blackberries!  
Those were the days I must say.

Anyway this is all about the metal door. For the past few months we've 
noticed the rust getting worse along the bottom. On checking new doors
which come at around $225 + $245 installation charge, this project would 
be rather expensive!  When chatting with my neighbor Bob who enjoys
home projects, he immediately offered to try repairing the door prior 
to spending that much money. If it didn't pan out we could go the 
expensive way later.
Sounded good to us.

Door was removed on Sunday morning and neighbor Bob worked with a
 rust-stopping product, then primed. . . . . . . . 

 . . . . . I then taped off the glass panes and got to work on a first coat of fresh paint.
Neighbor Bob went off to his soccer game for a few hours.
 When finished painting I heard thunder in the distance so got my Bob to help
 put the door in the shed and hung the tarpaulin, just in case it stormed.
Rain did fall, all of 50 drops, wouldn't you know!

At 6:00 pm all three of us were outside again installing a new sweep on the bottom
to cover the rust damage - quite a difficult maneuver as it was such a tight fit - then
 caulking and rehanging the door.

 Yesterday was a perfect morning to paint the second coat. I was out there 
early in sunshine and a very gentle breeze - whilst the chimney sweep was 
inside the cottage doing his dirty work.
I'm very pleased with the door and grateful to my neighbor for his help.
 Hope it holds up for at least a few years!

While working outside, some pruning and weeding required, this titmouse arrived
 and I caught it with a sunflower seed in its beak!

Pollen just about over, thankfully. 
Chimney swept. 
Potting shed secure.
Cord of wood delivered and stacked ready for next Winter.
Cypress wood chips on order - will be spread in back area 
when delivered in a couple of weeks.
 Now for some major spring cleaning, ugh!

BTW - has anyone tried the mosquito prevention spraying treatments now offered?
If so, did it seem to work?
We are considering trying this during the summer months this year so we 
can enjoy outdoor time - I'm so allergic to them and summertime
 is miserable for me here.
We see the signs going up on properties all around us where treatments
are being done, the humid south being such a breeding ground for what can
 be dangerous disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Happy garden/gardening days to you all.


  1. I love your potting shed Mary. I am glad that you, Bob and your neighbor were able to save the door! Our pollen is almost over too. We have had the mosquito treatment done in the past and it did work. We are not sure here if we will have a mosquito problem, so we are waiting to see if we need our bug guy to treat here or not. I imagine we will have mosquitos being in the woods.

    1. That's good to know Penny - I'm definitely thinking of forking out the money to try it because I cannot enjoy Summertime in the garden - thank goodness I have the screened gazebo or I'd never be out there once the little b-----s arrive, which will be soon, I saw one yesterday!

      Mary X

  2. Put up Purple Martin houses. I bought a huge citronella plant last year and put it right next to my patio chair. The mosquitoes lived in it.

  3. What a pretty shed, I can imagine spending time sewing or just thinking about plants there!

  4. The door looks fabulous! Brand new even. Your neighbor is a keeper. Yes, I have friends who use a spraying service for their backyard and are very pleased with it. My daughter is also going to have her yard sprayed. Between the ticks and mosquitoes, it seems like a good thing. So many health hazards with both of those.

  5. I love your potting shed - I wish I had one! What a wonderful neighbor you have for helping you out. After living here for 28 years and everyone (not just us - anyone that came over) complaining about how bad the mosquitoes were here, we finally got a mosquito spraying service last year. It worked so well, that we signed up for it again this year. Yes, it is chemicals, but I keep my windows closed for hours after they spray and we don't walk on the grass for 24 hours. We have tried every natural remedy out there, and nothing ever worked. If we had've known in the past how well these treatments worked, we would've done this many years ago. We were never able to enjoy our yard or patio in the nice weather. Now we finally can. Go for it!

  6. What a gem your neigbour Bob is Mary. I am having computer problems and could certainly do with someone like him - if only my sons lived a little closer that would be a great help.
    Love your little Jasmin Cottage.

  7. How nice to be able to just repair your door. It looks good. Haven't heard of the mosquito spray. Cute little titmouse. Nice capture with your camera.

  8. Your little shed is sweet, Mary. The Great Dane has been building one for me and I hope to show it off soon. You know, we don't have mosquitoes here. Perhaps up in the mountains they do, but the dry island summers and the breezes stop the breeding grounds from forming. Good luck with the solution!

  9. Such a beautiful little shed. Looks like you all did a great job with that door. We have gnats here and they drive me buzzing around my face - and they bite, the little buggers! Wish you luck with the treatment.

  10. I wouldn't have guessed the door to your idyllic potting shed to be metal - it looked like a wooden door to me until I read your post. Great job all of you did together!
    Incidentally, my first big activity after being allowed back into normal life since my eye OP involved painting, too... O.K. and I sanded down his wooden balcony rail and gave it two coats of paint. It took us three days together. I hate to think that it would have taken him probably at least 5 days on his own, wasting almost a week of his well deserved time off work, and I am glad I was able (and allowed!) to help.


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