Friday, June 1, 2018

Cool linen loveliness. . . . . . . . .

I have my cool, natural linens ready for summer enjoyment. 
My much-loved 100% bed linens - sheets and pillow cases - and
 recently I purchased a fabulous heavier linen 'summer cover' as I
 no longer want to use a bulky duvet (plus I so dislike changing the
 covers on them for weekly laundering) in hot weather.

Hanging out the linens - Viviers, France, October 2015

One of my favorite looks for Summertime - simple black and white - and I 
love a linen cropped trouser.

The pieces of linen clothing I already have I love, wrinkles and all!
This season I'm adding a lightweight, pale grey, long linen shirt - I plan to
 use it for hot weather travel later this month.

Of course it's actually not officially summer yet. . . . . . but who would know it
 when it's as hot and humid as it is here! 

Enjoy your weekend - may it be dry and sunny.


  1. So how do you care for your linen clothes? Machine wash and dry or hand wash and hang dry? Do you iron them? Just curious.

    1. Penny, most clothing items I iron when just washed (in machine on gentle and tumbled dry until damp but not completely dry), then wear and don't mind wrinkles appearing until re-washed! Bed linen I machine wash and tumble dry lightly then smooth out - I like the casual look of somewhat wrinkled natural linen on a summer bed!

  2. White linen certainly does speak of summertime, and it's almost here. It always looks so lovely on the models in the catalogs or hanging in the stores, but never works quite so well on me. However, all this talk of linen reminds me, time to purchase a new bottle of Estee Lauder's White Linen perfume! I just used up the last drops of the old bottle last week.

    1. Ooooh! That's always been such a lovely classic fragrance Sara, and I love linen perfumed room sprays in summertime also!

  3. Mary, I'm a fan of linen as well. It's what I live in all summer, as well our sheets are linen too. I'd be interested in the details on the linen duvet you added. Have a great summer.

    1. Hi Sarah - no, I'm not using any type of duvet now it's so warm - have stores away until cool weather returns! I bought Rough Linen's 'Summer Cover' - the heavy Orkney linen in natural color, and am using with white linen top and bottom sheets and pillow cases. The cover, beautifully made, is machine wash/tumble dry and is so easy for bed making compared to fighting with the duvet covers!!!!!
      Mary x

  4. I have a yellow linen dress... it is still packed away with about half of my summer dresses, so far, I have only taken out and ironed the ones I wear to the office.

  5. Linen just keeps getting better and better!


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